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Maryland Sex Crime Investigations

An experienced Maryland sex crimes lawyer knows the process of a sex crimes investigation. Sex crimes in Maryland are often investigated by a complaint to the police. It is not unusual after the person makes a complaint to be interviewed by the police. The alleged victim of a sex crime might conduct a physical examination at a hospital because there could be evidence that supports the crime in a physical investigation. A Maryland sex crime investigation might also include the police getting a warrant to require the alleged suspect to provide a DNA sample.


Prosecution plays a role after the Maryland sex crimes investigation when an officer decides to file charges. The officer does not need to ask for permission from the prosecutor’s office about filing charges. Other times, they must get permission because the investigator or prosecutor takes the case to a grand jury. If a grand jury decides to charge somebody, no one hears about the case until charges have been filed. Sometimes, the grand jury is used because the prosecutor wants to get a sense of whether or not there is a strong case.


In an ideal situation, there is a full sex crimes investigation in Maryland that takes place before anybody is charged. It should include the gathering of forensic evidence and getting statements from everyone, witnesses or people who might have heard about something going on. The strength of the case and being able to charge a person depends on a thorough investigation prior to the person being arrested.

However, that does not always happen. The police may charge someone based only on the alleged victim’s statements. Occasionally, when something like this happens to an alleged victim, they delay in making a report. They may never report it or they may delay in reporting it for different reasons, not the least of which is the embarrassment and the stress that the case will put them through.

When there is a delay in reporting, forensic evidence has the potential to disappear. The police would only have this person’s word against the word of the defendant. Sex crimes, child abuse, and other similar cases require more law enforcement investigation and action going on before anybody is charged or arrested.

Hiring a Maryland Sex Crimes Lawyer

It is important to hire an experienced sex crimes lawyer because the investigation could be complicated and require an attorney who has experience with Maryland sex crimes. Sometimes, there may be DNA evidence in sex crimes investigations. The person charged should hire an attorney who understands DNA is and is familiar with DNA reports and DNA evidence.

There are procedures that must be followed to use DNA evidence so a person does not want to hire an attorney who does not understand that. There could be constitutional issues. If the police sought a DNA sample from a person, there could be Fourth Amendment implications. The Fourth Amendment protects people from unreasonable searches and seizures. It is important to ask whether or not the case complied with the Fourth Amendment. Contact an attorney in a Maryland sex crime investigation to best understand the process.