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Maryland Student Defense Lawyer

If you’re a student in Maryland and you’re found guilty of a crime, it could affect your ability to obtain financial aid in future semesters, or even your status as a student within the school in which you’re enrolled, depending on the severity of the crime and its resulting penalties. Therefore, it may be in your best interests to seek the legal assistance of an experienced Maryland student defense attorney as soon as possible. Doing so could improve your chance of maintaining your innocence, receiving a favorable outcome in court, and proceeding with your academic life as normal. To discuss your case and begin building a defense, call and schedule a consultation with a Maryland defense attorney today. En Español.

Penalties Students Face

The most common issue that students face as a result of criminal charges are sanctioned by the university or institution they are attending. For example, at the University of Maryland, if a student was charged with a crime, it used to be the case that the offense had to take place on school grounds in order for the person to be subject to disciplinary action by the school. However, the school recently changed their policy regarding that issue to say that now, as long as they are students at the school, the school can take action against them for the crime even if it occurred off campus.

This change was made at the University of Maryland and other schools in an effort to address issues of parties and drug use that were happening in off-campus housing. These events were attended by students of the university, but the school itself did not have jurisdiction over what those individuals were doing. That has changed in the last couple of years and now the university can take its own action, including suspension, expulsion, or other forms of disciplinary action, against the students which make it important that an MD student defense attorney is contacted.

It is also possible for a student to receive only disciplinary action for violations like cheating or plagiarism. In such cases, a Maryland student will not face criminal charges but could still greatly benefit from having an experienced defense attorney explain the best options for dealing with the student conduct board.

Common Charges Students In Maryland Face

There are a variety of different charges students in Maryland may face ranging from assault and sex crimes to charges involving fake IDs. In the case of false or fictitious identification, there are various ways in which at student could potentially be charged including the possession of a false driver’s license, which actually falls under the Maryland traffic article, and possession of false identification, which is a criminal charge.

Both charges are criminal offenses, both carry the possibility of jail time, and both also carry the possibility of a heavy fine and probation. These are both very common charges in the court system of college towns such as Baltimore and in Prince George’s County where the University of Maryland College Park is located. These types of charges do carry the possibility of incarceration, although it is rare for that penalty to be doled out in court when the individual is appearing before a judge.

The most common resolution in fake ID cases is community service, a fine, and perhaps a minor penalty like attending a class on alcohol education, presuming that the individual who was caught with the false ID was caught while using it in an effort to purchase alcohol or enter a place where alcohol is being served. Fake ID charges are typically linked with alcohol violations. To see what penalties you may be facing if caught using false identification, consult with a student defense attorney in Maryland today.

A Maryland Student Defense Attorney Can Help

If you’ve been charged with a crime as a student, speaking with a Maryland student defense lawyer may be your best move. They could take your case seriously and examine every detail of your alleged offense, including gathering eyewitness testimony and utilizing every available legal resource to build a strong defense. To learn more about these types of charges call and schedule a consultation today.

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