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Role of a Maryland Auto Theft Attorney

It is important for an individual to hire a local Maryland auto theft attorney because they are going to have a great deal of experience in trying cases against the different prosecutors and judges relevant to the case.

To better understand the role of a Maryland auto theft attorney in your particular case and to build a solid defense, consult a lawyer.

Hiring Local Counsel

An experienced attorney knows how the judge typically rules on particular matters, as well as the sentences the judge imposes. There is no substitute for experience and knowledge of a particular judge.

That is also true with prosecutors. Some are much more skilled than others, some may struggle with the Rules of Evidence, for example. It is the role of a lawyer to know which one of those prosecutors the defendant might be more successful trying the case against than another. It is dangerous to hire an attorney who is not local and has no familiarity with the jurisdiction. An out-of-town attorney would not be familiar with the prosecutor, the judge, or how things work in this particular court.

By hiring an experienced defense attorney, a person would make sure that the attorney has a reputation for being credible, intelligent, and competent in front of the court. A good reputation for being ethical and credible is important, especially in front of the court or when talking to a prosecutor.

If a defendant hires an attorney that is not known for being a credible attorney, that defendant is already at a disadvantage. It is the role of a Maryland auto theft lawyer to ensure they put their client in the best position to reduce any potential consequences.

Benefit of Immediate Representation

It is important that an individual hires an attorney immediately when handling an auto theft charge. A person should contact an experienced defense lawyer from the very first suspicion that someone is alleging that they committed an auto theft. The first clue might be a call from a police officer who asks to speak with them about the situation.

In this situation, if a person receives a call from the police, they should end the conversation and call an attorney right away. If a police officer is contacting that person, it is because the police have a suspicion that that person has committed a crime.

Avoiding Contact with Law Enforcement

People mistakenly believe when they are speaking with a police officer, that the officer is being very objective and is just taking down information to determine what has happened. That is usually not the case. The police have been advised that this person has committed a crime, and all they are trying to do is verify whether or not that is true.

People do not appreciate that what they say can be used against them. That also means what they say by mistake or what they say inartfully could be interpreted by the police officer to mean something completely different than what they meant to say.

If they contradict themselves, they are going to be accused of lying. It is not a question of whether or not it was inaccurate the first time, it is that they were being deceitful the first time. It is very important not to speak with a police officer unless there is an attorney present. It is perfectly appropriate for a person to refuse to speak with police. They are under zero obligation to talk to the police. By speaking to an attorney first, the attorney can speak to the police on your behalf.

When to Contact a Maryland Auto Theft Lawyer

A person should contact a lawyer as soon as possible, as soon as they suspect they are in danger of being charged with a crime. They do not have to wait until they are charged. If anybody is making any sort of accusation or if a person has been contacted by the police about an auto theft, they should contact a criminal defense attorney right away to figure out the best steps to take. A qualified attorney can advise a person on what to say to the police, if anything at all. One role of a Maryland auto theft attorney is to offer the best choices for a person to make for their future and wellbeing. Contact a litigator today.