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Benefit of a Maryland Auto Theft Lawyer

When you are considering an auto theft lawyer in Maryland, you should look for one who understands local law and has experience with the courts in the jurisdiction. Facing these types of charges can be intimidating, and having an experienced attorney by your side to guide and advise you through the process will be invaluable as you face the opposition, working to mitigate the damages and seeking the best outcome possible.

Representation at Arraignment

Typically, the attorney does not play a significant role in an arraignment because the court’s job at an arraignment is to advise the defendant of what they are charged with, the maximum penalties, and their right to have an attorney. That will take place regardless of whether the defendant has an attorney present.

However, oftentimes at an arraignment, the issue of bonds may also be considered. That is when it is beneficial to have a Maryland auto theft attorney can be incredibly helpful because they can emphasize to the court all the reasons their client should rather be released or given very little bond.

The attorney knows how to give information to the court about the defendant’s employment, the connections to the county to suggest a very small likelihood of them failing to appear. They can also emphasize that if the person is employed, they could get back to their employment if they are released. It is definitely important to have an attorney speak on their behalf when it comes to the issue of an appropriate bond.

Risks of Self-Representation

Most defendants are not attorneys. They did not go to law school, and they have not passed the bar. Thus, they are probably not aware of the substance of the law. They are unlikely to be aware of the rules of evidence or the rules of procedure. They would be very much at a disadvantage if they were to go to court without an attorney, because everyone else in the courtroom is an attorney.

One benefit of a Maryland auto theft attorney is that they will most likely have a good professional relationship with the prosecutors and the judges. Mostly, people who walk in there unrepresented are not going to know how to have that conversation with the prosecutor or what to say to the judge. To walk into court without an attorney is a huge mistake.

Local Knowledge and Experience

It is important to be represented by someone who practices in that jurisdiction on a regular basis, someone who is in the court, in front of those judges and dealing with those prosecutors on a regular basis. A local attorney who is often in criminal court can really get a sense of how various judges have ruled in the past on similar facts. A local attorney will also know all of the prosecutors, including which ones are strong with their litigation skills and which ones are not as strong. Information like this can be used to the client’s advantage. A person cannot gather that sort of knowledge unless that person is local and around those people on a regular basis.

Additionally, if a person wants to walk into court with an attorney who has a reputation for being a great, ethical advocate. If an attorney has a good reputation, the court will take that attorney more seriously.

That sort of reputation is gained with experience and constantly being in front of judges. Reputation is almost as important as the depth of knowledge of that attorney, because even the most experienced attorney in the courtroom will not be credible if that attorney has a negative reputation.