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Benefit of a Maryland Armed Robbery Lawyer

There are many benefits of a Maryland armed robbery lawyer. Robbery is a very serious offense. It is a crime of violence, which means that the person is going to serve 50% of their sentence before they can be eligible for parole. It is a felony and if convicted, it is something that would stay on a person’s record for the rest of their life. Since it is a very serious offense, it would be a mistake for a person to go into court without an attorney. They would be at a disadvantage, because the prosecutor is an attorney, the judge is an attorney, and the defendant would be the only person there who would not understand the procedure and rules of evidence. Talk to a qualified Maryland armed robbery lawyer today.

Negotiating Armed Robbery to Robbery

One great benefit of a Maryland armed robbery lawyer is that they can try to negotiate the charge down. Depending on the evidence, the state may be able to prove the element of utilizing a weapon. If that particular piece of evidence is weak, there might be a situation where the state would be willing to negotiate the armed robbery charge down to a robbery charge.

If the state could not produce the weapon in an armed robbery situation, it is another situation that the charge could be negotiated down. For example, if the judge had excluded a weapon that had been found by way of execution of a search and seizure work, then that would be a situation where the state might be more inclined to discuss a plea down to robbery.

Information to Tell a Lawyer

A person should be ready to explain to the attorney why they are reaching out. For example, if they were contacted by a police officer, they should tell a Maryland armed robbery lawyer. They should not feel that they have to have all the paperwork or some journal of material available for the attorney.

If they have been charged and they have received paperwork from the state or from the police officer, it would be helpful for the attorney to see it. Maryland armed robbery attorneys typically ask them if they have received anything to go over it and try to get a handle on what is going on.

When to Contact a Criminal Lawyer

A person should contact an attorney right away because the state could be gathering evidence. A person needs to understand that they do not have to wait until they are charged. If they are contacted by the police, they should immediately reach out to an attorney.

If they have any reason to believe police suspect that they have committed a crime, they should reach out to a Maryland armed robbery lawyer. The sooner they contact an attorney, the sooner a person can experience the great benefit. The attorney is the person that can speak with law enforcement on the defendant’s behalf.

Hiring an Attorney

Anybody charged with armed robbery should have a Maryland attorney. If they are convicted, most judges are going to consider sentencing them to prison time. There are many benefits to hiring a Maryland armed robbery attorney. Going through a case alone can lead to adverse consequences. A lawyer can stand up for a person, defend them, and make the state prove its case.