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Maryland Armed Robbery Penalties

In a Maryland armed robbery case, a prosecutor would have to prove that the defendant took and carried away the property of another person, that it was not by force, and that it was accomplished with a deadly weapon. What is considered to be a deadly weapon is open-ended, because case law has held that it could be a firearm and it could also be if someone brandishes something concealed but and suggest that it is a deadly weapon. Call an accomplished robbery lawyer for more on penalties.

Armed Robbery as Felony

Armed robbery is a felony in Maryland and carries a maximum penalty of 20 years’ incarceration. It is a crime of violence, which means that if a person receives a sentence for armed robbery, they would have to serve at least 50% of that sentence before they would be eligible for parole. Because it is a felony, it is within the jurisdiction of the circuit court, meaning that the defendant can elect to be tried by a jury.

Potential Armed Robbery Penalties

The person could potentially face a maximum penalty for armed robbery within 20 years. It is important for people to understand that in a case like that, a defendant would not be charged with one count of armed robbery. They would probably also be charged with assault theft. If they entered someone’s home to accomplish the act, they would be charged with the burglary. If they used a firearm, they could be charged with all of the charges related to a firearm. Therefore, the maximum penalty could be a combination of many consecutive sentences for all of those other charges.

Armed Robbery vs. Robbery Charges

If the person is convicted of an armed robbery, their potential sentence is increased by five years. The maximum penalty for robbery is 15 years and the maximum penalty for an armed robbery in Maryland is 20 years. The person also would not have to deal with just the armed robbery charge, because more than likely they also would have charges for possession, as well.

For example, if the person had a handgun, the person would also face the charge of use of a handgun in the commission of a crime of violence. This potential penalty is significantly increased, because they could face consecutive sentences for those other charges that relates to the handgun.

Benefit of a Lawyer

The defendant should make sure that whoever is representing them is familiar with the prosecutors and the judges. Equally important in a situation like this would be having a good understanding of the jury pool and of the people that may be called to jury duty and selected to serve on this person’s jury. That kind of experience and knowledge is imperative.

An attorney that is in that courtroom several times a month or several times a week is going to have a clear understanding of how judges are going to rule on certain motions or what particular prosecutors might be inclined to do as far as a potential plea offer. It is something that is gathered from years of experience. A lawyer cannot gather that same amount of knowledge and understanding of judges or prosecutors unless they are there consistently. Work with a lawyer today to see what you can do about Maryland armed robbery penalties.