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Maryland Demerit Point Consequences

While most drivers would not blink twice at one or two points on their license, accruing too many demerit points in Maryland can have major ramifications on one’s personal life. Putting aside the financial consequences for a moment, an excess amount of demerit points can lead to driving correction programs, license suspension, and restricted driving privileges. Maryland demerit point consequences are serious, but a dedicated traffic attorney can assist you in mitigating any potential penalties associated with accumulating demerit points.

Accumulating Too Many Points

The severity of the offense determines what points are assigned to Maryland demerit point consequences. Whenever the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA) adds more points to a person’s record, that individual runs the risk of losing their license.

If a person accumulates five to seven points, they are required to enroll and complete a driver improvement course. They must pay for the course out of pocket and bring a certification of completion to the MVA. If they do not complete the course by a certain date, their license is under serious threat of suspension. When a person gets eight to eleven points, they will receive a notice of suspension.

If they receives twelve points or more, they will receive a notice of revocation or their license will be taken. They must surrender their driver’s license, and they will lose driving privileges.

Consequences of Too Many Points

Maryland demerit point consequences would have a detrimental effect on a person’s insurance. First, a person could be suspended. Then it can be revoked. There are people that need a license to go to work and without it, they encounter difficulties trying to get to work. Too many points could affect the ability to gain a job via the background check. Having a suspended license can have a severe impact on one’s life.

Insurance companies and employers can see how many points are on the person’s record because they are public knowledge for up to three years, but the points are no longer current after two years.

Removing Points on Licenses

A person can challenge the Maryland demerit point consequences assessed to their license by asking to have the matter expunged. It also may be a good idea to do a driver improvement course, but it may not make a difference, as the points automatically fall off. The driver improvement course, however, if a person does it on their own, could lower their insurance, and the points will fall off after three years.

When they have too many points, then they are on the verge of having their license suspended. If a person has their license suspended, they can request a hearing with the MVA. An individual can request that hearing in situations where they have accumulated way too many points between eight and eleven, or related to a conviction for a DUI.

Benefits of a Maryland Traffic Attorney

A Maryland traffic attorney would be able to help in this situation by fighting for the best outcome in the case by going to court, arguing for the points to be lessened, speaking with the state, and making arguments to get the points lessened. If at all possible, the attorney may request a fine increase in place of the points, so if a person has a fine of $100, they can ask for the max fine and the waiver of points. If you are facing Maryland demerit point consequences, it would make sense to contact a traffic attorney as soon as possible.

Maryland Driving Point System