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Montgomery County DUI Drug and Alcohol Interaction Cases

Whenever a driver is mixing two or more substances while driving, a court will likely take the matter more seriously and perhaps impose harsher penalties in the event of a conviction. As a result, Montgomery County DUI drug and alcohol interaction cases are often a priority for prosecutors.

Whenever a prosecutor believes that both drugs and alcohol are at issue in a particular DUI case, they have two distinct narratives to present to a jury. A charge of driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol affords a prosecutor two opportunities of laying a successful theory before the court.

Alcohol and Prescribed Medication

Prescription medications have warning labels identifying possible adverse side-effects. Some warnings advise against a person operating any heavy machinery when they take medication. Others warn the individual not to consume the medication on an empty stomach or not to consume the medication with alcohol.

Patients should heed all of these warning labels closely. If a patient takes a medication and mixes it with alcohol, the medication’s effects could be enhanced or altered and may significantly impair a person’s ability to make decisions while driving. Even if a person had no indication that they were committing a criminal act, they may nonetheless wind up in serious legal jeopardy should they be pulled over.

Drivers are responsible for knowing how their bodies might be affected by medication they take and anything they mix with those medications. They must keep themselves and the people around them safe and not operate a vehicle while affected by a prescription medication.

Trial Process

The litigation for a DUI involving alcohol and drugs is similar to a regular DUI case. The prosecutors display evidence to prove somebody was impaired by a combination of alcohol and drugs; they may use direct evidence, expert testimony, or an opinion about the defendant’s level of impairment.

The defense challenges the prosecution’s case to show why the case has not been proven beyond a reasonable doubt, using cross-examination questions, witnesses, and expert testimony admitted into court to contradict the conclusions drawn by the government’s case.

An experienced criminal defense attorney could identify the best strategies for the defense and perform damage control to make sure their client is adequately prepared for trial. Typical pre-trial measures may include obtaining the right kind of treatment to make sure that the court will look favorably on the client during trial or at sentencing.

Penalties for Drug and Alcohol DUI

The penalties for a conviction in Montgomery County DUI drug and alcohol interaction cases are not necessarily higher or more strict than for a straightforward DUI case. One can expect the prosecutor, however, to treat drug and alcohol interaction cases more seriously because of concerns that the person may have more significant substance abuse issues than somebody drinking socially.

Contact a Skilled DUI Attorney for Help Building a Defense

If you are facing criminal charges for driving under the influence of both drugs and alcohol, consider reaching out to an experienced lawyer. An attorney could work to vigorously defend against allegations of both alcohol and drug intoxication. Drug and alcohol interaction can make Montgomery County DUI cases more complex, but an experienced lawyer could fight for a positive outcome. Call today to discuss your case.