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Montgomery County Drug DUI Tests

Drug DUI tests in Montgomery County are usually conducted by a drug recognition expert and include a motor skills test, a test to see pupil dilation, and balancing tests. There are various types of tests employed by police officers in this process. Drug recognition experts usually provide the results in the form of a report that is provided to the defense attorney during the course of discovery by the state.

For help with your DUI case, reach out to a qualified DUI attorney. A skilled legal advocate could fight for a positive resolution to your charges.

Commonly Tested Drugs

The most common drugs involved in driving under the influence of drugs cases are over-the-counter medications and prescription medication. Sometimes, people assume that if a doctor prescribed medication or it was over the counter, they are perfectly fine to drive. People should always heed warning labels about side-effects that may cause drowsiness or impair a person’s ability to operate machinery.


A person may refuse to take a test for drug impairment in Montgomery County. The court often sees a refusal as an admission of guilt. Nonetheless, it is a person’s right to refuse any test. Refusal is the right decision to make if taking a drug test could reveal evidence that would be detrimental in a criminal case.

Accuracy of DUI Drug Tests

The science behind drug tests is not well-founded and there are often a lot of challenges available to a defense attorney regarding drug recognition experts and the conclusions they make. The court gives drug tests a great deal of weight, so having an attorney who has the experience to challenge the validity of these tests is extremely helpful in making sure an individual has a proper defense.

Drug recognition experts in Montgomery County are often quick to draw conclusions, recognizing that the science they are using is not necessarily well-founded and not well-understood by the court system and can sometimes be accepted without proper challenges made by defense attorneys. There is no actual level of intoxication in the same way that a preliminary breath test on the roadside can determine blood alcohol content. An assumption is often quickly made that the person must be under the influence or impaired when that may not be the case.

Reach Out to a Montgomery County DUI Attorney

For DUI drug tests to be valid, Montgomery County police must follow strict protocols. If a DUI attorney finds any police misconduct, they could use this to your advantage in court. For help with your DUI case, contact a defense attorney today.