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Benefits of a Montgomery County Criminal Lawyer

It makes sense to see a lawyer whenever there is even a small concern that you are being investigated for a criminal act. If the police come to your door with an arrest warrant or just to ask questions, you want to be prepared to tell them exactly what your position is, particularly who your Montgomery County criminal defense lawyer is and that you want that person present for any questioning that is going to take place subsequently.

While making the ultimate decision on the lawyer you want to represent you is a major decision, rest assured that having at attorney by your side is a bonus to your case that cannot be found elsewhere.

Drawbacks of Speaking to a Lawyer

For most people, the biggest reason preventing them from speaking to a lawyer as soon as they can is the issue of money. People are worried about how much a lawyer will charge to meet with them and take them on.
However, most attorneys who handle criminal cases do so with a free consultation at the beginning. That way a Montgomery County criminal attorney can tell you exactly what it is that he will be able to do for you before you have a conversation with them.

How a Montgomery County Criminal Lawyer Can Help

An attorney can help, even if you are not sure, by taking calls for you or even telling you whether or not it is likely you are the subject of an investigation just based on the information you provide them. Some people who believe they are potentially being investigated may be reading the “tea leaves” incorrectly. Others might be thinking they are under investigation and the issues are very minor. An experienced criminal defense attorney will tell them, “No, this looks like something very serious and here are the precautions that you need to take.” Speaking to an attorney does not bring any harm to you, and can only benefit you under these circumstances.

Value of Having a Lawyer by Your Side

There are many benefits to speaking to an attorney. The limitations that an attorney can put on the type of questions asked of you or the evidence seized from you are huge in terms of protecting you during the course of an investigation. Many times the series of questions a police officer has for somebody who is represented by counsel is half or maybe even a quarter than for someone who does not have an attorney. This is because the police officer knows that an attorney will not allow his or her client to answer some of the questions being asked.
A lot of the times, police investigators are very aggressive during their investigations, especially with the people they suspect have been involved in a crime. Their aggressiveness is often a result of their desire to encourage people to admit statements that could be used against them in court. With an experienced lawyer there watching out for their client, the chances that local law enforcement can catch a person off-guard is decreased.

Hiring a Montgomery County Criminal Lawyer