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Choosing an Attorney for a Montgomery County Criminal Case

If you have been charged with a criminal offense in Montgomery County, Maryland hiring legal representation is one of the first steps toward minimizing the harm of your charges. With that in mind, who you hire is important as it can be the difference in your case. Below, a Montgomery County criminal defense lawyer discusses some of the factors you should be aware of when hiring legal representation and the advantages of hiring a firm rather than a solo practitioner. To learn more, or schedule a free consultation call today.

Advantages of Hiring a Private Attorney

Working with private law offices is really something that is for someone’s individual choice. The public defender’s office is not designed for free legal assistance, the Public Defender’s office is assigned to be of assistance to people who cannot afford an attorney and who meet certain qualifications of poverty and qualify for an attorney. So the misconception that the public defender is like a free law office is incorrect. It is a law office that is for very specific part of our community.
Now working with public defender’s office is perfectly  fine. There are very talented attorneys at the public defender’s office. However with that said, they are often overworked due to the number of cases that they have. The public defender’s office can only employ very small number of attorneys in comparison to the case load that they have. Some attorneys at the public defender’s office are representing as many as 1,000 clients a year, particularly in Montgomery County.
What that means is that while the public defenders do everything that they can to give the best representation possible sometimes time does not allow a public defender to meet with 20 of their clients all before their day in court especially if they are all scheduled for a court date on the exact same day and same docket. When you work with private counsel you do have more access to your attorney and you have ability to have meetings, conversations, investigations take place by your attorney and his team that aren’t necessarily always offered to you by the public defender’s office. When you have a knowledgeable and accessible Montgomery County criminal lawyer by your side throughout the process, you can rest assured that your case is being handled with care and that you will be kept informed because you lawyer has more time for you. Additionally, having an accessible attorney by your side from the beginning means having that extra protection of a lawyer advising you what mistakes you should avoid to prevent possibly harming your case.

Choosing a Law Firm or Solo Practitioner

Hiring an attorney in a law firm is helpful to an individual because of the support that an individual in a law firm has. Our law firm has a team of law clerks, investigators, paralegals, administrative staff and attorneys that all offer support to an individual who is representing somebody in their particular area. Those people can be extremely valuable in offering various perspectives on a case and in expediting the preparations of a particular case so that the client is thoroughly represented and the burden does not all fall on one attorney’s shoulder.

Hiring a Montgomery County Criminal Lawyer