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Montgomery County Aggressive Driving Lawyer

Aggressive driving is a three-part crime and if a person gets a ticket for aggressive driving, they must have disobeyed a traffic signal, passed someone in an unsafe manner, disregarded lane markings, or committed other offenses. Individuals charged with this offense may get five points on their license and have to pay fines.  A qualified traffic attorney could attempt to challenge the ticket. Those charged with aggressive driving should speak with a Montgomery County aggressive driving lawyer that could advocate for them.

Elements of Aggressive Driving

The elements of aggressive driving would be disobeying a traffic signal, passing in an unsafe manner, passing on the right, disregarding lane markings, following too closely, failing to yield the right way of way and speeding. That is how a person would get one of those tickets for aggressive driving.

When officers pull someone over, they check for violations of three of the previously stated offenses in close proximity to each other in terms of time or at the same time. Officers are looking for three of the previously mentioned and enumerated offenses occurring at the same time or in close proximity to each other.

How Aggressive Driving Charges Work

Aggressive driving is a misdemeanor as they are all traffic offenses in the State of Maryland. It is not a payable citation. A lot of points on a person’s license. Aggressive driving is usually five points and it carries $500 fine. A skilled Montgomery County aggressive driving lawyer could try to mitigate the severity of the penalties that a person may face.

Commonness of the Offense

Aggressive driving is not a very common offense. A person has to be doing three things. Typically, a person is doing three things that are wrong at the same time. Because it requires a little bit more, it actually has to have all three of those offenses for it to qualify. It is slightly different than other traffic violations and issues.

Expectations of an Aggressive Driving Case

If the person decides not to just pay the ticket, they should expect an officer, if the officer shows up, to hopefully be able to articulate what those three offenses were this person committed. If not, then there is a defense that the person did not commit aggressive driving, an officer gave another ticket for other things, then the person gets to go home with no ticket at all because the officer has to articulate what all of those offenses actually were. There is no prosecutor involved in these cases because aggressive driving is not a jail-able offense. It would just be the officer showing up in court that day. Despite the lack of prosecutor, a Montgomery County aggressive driving lawyer could still help a person by challenging their ticket.

How a Montgomery County Aggressive Driving Attorney Could Help

An aggressive driving charge can be difficult to handle, especially when it comes to knowing what the defenses are for aggressive driving. It is an overwhelming ticket just because it involves so many components but the officer actually has to be able to prove those components and a lot of people do not know that if they break those out one by one.
Typically, an officer does not have the documentation to properly assess that. Working with an attorney who knows what to look for is very helpful in getting the ticket removed. A qualified Montgomery County aggressive driving lawyer could advocate for an individual that has been charged with this offense.