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Montgomery County Speeding Detection

Montgomery County speeding detection is a common practice in the State of Maryland. This can be done via police officers waiting on the side of the road, or speed cameras that will flash a picture of you driving above the speed limit.

If you are someone who has been caught by these speeding detection techniques, consult with a Montgomery County traffic lawyer to learn more about these infractions.

Standard Speed Limits

Speeding tickets either involve typical infractions and reckless infractions. A typical infraction may be issued to a driver when they are going 10 to 20 mph over the limit. A reckless infraction is issued when a person is driving erratically and is possibly putting the lives of other drivers in danger.

Standard speed limits are dependent on the location of the road. For example, in a school zone, the speed limit could most likely be 25 mph. However, in more open areas the speed limit might be 45 or 50 mph. On highways, the limit can be up to 65 mph. People should be extremely careful on highways and main roads because that is where officers tend to want and give people tickets.

An interesting aspect of Montgomery County speeding detection is that there is a high usage of speeding cameras. Speeding cameras are placed in areas that may not always be under surveillance. For example, police officers are not known to look for speeding infractions in school zones. It is in those types of areas where speeding cameras are usually found.

Being Pulled Over for Speeding

It is important to understand that being pulled over by a police officer is a common occurrence. A person can be pulled over for speeding even if they were only 1 mph over the speed limit. If an officer felt inclined enough, they can issue a ticket based on that offense.

Weather conditions also come into play when speeding. For example, if it is a clear day out and a person is going over 5 mph, officers may not feel inclined to pull someone over and issue a ticket. However, if they are going 5 mph over the limit in wet and rainy conditions, and the officer might feel more inclined to pull someone over.

Accuracy of Radar Guns

If working properly, traffic readers can be very accurate. This is all contingent upon whether or not it is working properly. This is highly dependent of the officer’s calibration of the device and to the officer who is actually using it if that officer actually has the proper training to use the tool. If all things are working at 100%, the radar is accurate and correct.

Operator errors in radar guns are not common, but they can occur. Typically, officers are prepared to handle the device. If they show up to court, an officer could potentially make the case harder to defend since the judge may be inclined to be more lenient towards the police officer. Even putting together an argument can be difficult.

Road Zoning

Road zonings is an important aspect of Montgomery County speeding detection. There are certain zones that require people to take extra caution when driving. For example, neighborhood areas where there are blind children may have signs telling people to slow down or take caution.

Fines may be doubled if a person is caught speeding or driving recklessly in a school zone. A judge may not be lenient if the case has taken place in a zone that begs for cautious driving. Judges may even increase the fines. There have been some instances in which a fine increased by $500 for this very reason.

Contesting a Claim

When contesting a traffic citation, a person must be mindful of the environment where they were pulled over. If a person was pulled over during adverse weather conditions and has been given a ticket for speeding, it becomes harder to contest that claim. If caught by a speeding camera, it may be hard to argue against photographic evidence of the infraction.

If you wish to contest a claim, it may be beneficial to consult with a Maryland traffic lawyer. An experienced attorney may be able to give you the proper legal guidance when trying to contest a speeding ticket or about general information concerning Montgomery County speeding detection.

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