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Montgomery County Speeding Penalties

People often think that because traffic offenses are not as severe as violent crimes, that it is okay to commit traffic offenses, or that they will not face mant penalties. In actuality, Montgomery County speeding penalties can be quite serious. Penalties include fines and points on an individual’s license. If a person has been ticketed for a speeding offense, they should consult a knowledgeable speeding ticket attorney that could help. A lawyer could advocate for a person and protect their rights.

Common Ways Speeding Tickets Are Issued

An officer can simply pull a person over. The types of tickets that will actually have points associated with them or have to go to the court are, most of the time, tickets that are associated with an officer giving out tickets. Camera tickets do not require a person to go to court and also do not assess any points on a person’s license.

Expectations Following a Speeding Ticket

If a person gets a payable fine, they can simply pay it if they want to, which makes it one of the milder Montgomery County speeding penalties. If someone does get they get a must-appear ticket, then they have to go to court, dealing with that process and seeing what that would actually look like.
Reckless driving charges are not administered in the form of a speeding ticket. A reckless driving is its own type of offense, it is not a speeding ticket. Local law enforcement give reckless driving offenses out via citation but it is a different offense onto itself.

Consequences for Speeding Offenses

Montgomery County speeding penalties range from a fine to points on their license. Jail time is not a common penalty for speeding. There are not many other criminal consequences for speeding. There are also non-criminal consequences for speeding that a person may face. An individual that has been repeatedly charged with speeding might also face higher insurance premiums.

Why Would a Driver Need to Go to Court for a Speeding Ticket?

If the person requested a hearing for their speeding case, they have to show up or their license will be suspended. If the person does not request a hearing or pay the ticket, they do not show up – if a person has a must-appear ticket, there is no option but to actually pay the ticket. Therefore, they have to show up because it is a must-appear ticket and there is no option surrounding it. Those are the only times that a person must show up for.

How a Montgomery County Speeding Ticket Lawyer Could Help

A skilled speeding ticket lawyer could help an individual, just by being aware of the procedures and knowing how each county is different. Having an attorney who is familiar with the legislation in that specific county is important. Individuals who have been ticketed for a speeding offense should consult a knowledgeable ticket attorney that could attempt to mitigate the Montgomery County speeding penalties that a person may face.

Montgomery County Speeding Ticket Lawyer