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Ocean City Prostitution Investigations

Ocean City prostitution investigations tend to have limited evidence against the accused. This is because charges tend to be based on the word or statement of one person against that of another. As a result, the cases can be a little bit vague. In order for a charge to lead to a conviction, there has to be concrete evidence. In these circumstances, that could mean a specific conversation about money or the act of being hired to do something.

Sometimes these cases are very clear cut, and other times they can be extremely nebulous. Either way, Ocean City prostitution investigations can be overwhelming and often intimidating. If you are facing charges or believe you may be the subject of an investigation, speak with an experienced lawyer today to protect yourself.

Common Scenarios

When it comes to Ocean City prostitution investigations, they tend to happen before any arrests are made, for the sake of maximizing accuracy at the time of filing charges. Usually, people get charged with prostitution in one of two scenarios. In the first scenario, a police officer is conducting routine investigation and notices something out of the ordinary. They could be on patrol in a certain area and come across an exchange taking place. Other times, police officers will target specific areas of their city where they know prostitution occurs.

The second scenario, almost as common as the first, occurs when law enforcement are conducting an actual sting operation. In those cases, officers and they will have officers who pose as prostitutes or they will have officers posing as individuals attempting to pay for a prostitute.

Typical Involved Parties

Who is involved in Ocean City prostitution investigations depends on the individual circumstances. Sometimes it is simply a situation where one law enforcement stumbles upon a solicitation. That would be coincidental and very limited in scope.

On the other hand, in cases where a deliberate investigation is taking place, there are more people involved. Depending on the situation, there might be undercover law enforcement involved in the case. These would typically be officers posing as either the person doing the soliciting or in the role of a prostitute.

The question is ultimately one of scope. It is much easier to contest a claim of solicitation between two individual parties than it is to refute evidence from a planned, concentrated Ocean City prostitution investigation.

It is important to note that Ocean City prostitution investigations do not exclusively target the parties directly involved in the exchange. Because the crime of prostitution also includes anybody who receives earnings from the work, pimps are also included as potential defendants.

Likely Elements

A lot of times, the investigation could be very simple and it could be one of those scenarios where a police officer is just on routine patrol and happens upon the crime. The more complicated investigation is the type where there is an undercover police officer who is posing as either a John or a prostitute and is attempting to either solicit a prostitute or is attempting to pretend to be the prostitute and is trying to get people to agree to give money to perform some sort of sex act.

In those scenarios, the investigation is pretty much completed upon the agreement. A law enforcement officer is not going to go so far as to engage in any sort of sexual act so the crime is committed and the investigation is completed upon the agreement.

Once there has been an understanding that there’s going to be an act performed in exchange for money, the crime is completed and the investigation is done. They will place the person under arrest immediately.

How an Attorney Can Help Maintain Privacy

Keeping a case of this nature confidential is challenging because it is a matter of public record and can, therefore, be found through some targeted research.

That being said, people are charged with crimes every day and many never reach the headlines. Realistically though, if undercover operation yields, for example, ten or fifteen arrests, that will likely be considered newsworthy.

What an attorney can do is if your case is dismissed, they can have it expunged from your record so that it could not be found later. That is one of many ways in which an attorney can help to rectify the situation, work to clean up a criminal record, and fight to mitigate the damages in the case.