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Potomac DUI Lawyer

If you have been accused of DUI in Potomac, Maryland you may feel extremely overwhelmed and confused.  You may continuously ask yourself how a night of innocent fun landed you in jail for such a significant period of time or you may think that your breathalyzer test results and your BAC (blood alcohol concentration) have sealed your fate. This is when a Potomac criminal lawyer can come in handy. An attorney familiar with the Montgomery County Court system is aware of the evidence that is needed for your case.

DUI Enforcement in Potomac

DUI enforcement in Potomac is primarily in or near the Potomac Village Shopping Center or in the Cabin John area, both of which are fairly busy and experience a large volume of vehicle traffic throughout the evening. Primarily, DUI enforcement takes place in or around areas that experience a lot of traffic from people who are returning home after having consumed alcohol. If you have been stopped by law enforcement, a lawyer in Potomac can analyze the facts and determine whether a fourth amendment violation occurred during your DUI stop.

Consequences for DUI

Potomac DUI attorneys help their clients understand DUI convictions in Maryland, as well as how penalties may affect them. DUI penalties may include:

  • Driver’s license suspension or revocation
  • Points on your license
  • Fines
  • Increased insurance premiums
  • Limited employment opportunities
  • Jail time

Regardless of whether the charge was categorized as a misdemeanor or felony offense, a person can still face any of these penalties. For more serious offenses a person can face a more severe version of these consequences. A Potomac DUI lawyer can help work with the court to try to get your charges reduced.

How a Potomac DUI Lawyer Can Help

Not all of these penalties are guaranteed with every case. Discussing your situation with an attorney is the smartest way to build a strong defense. When you have a knowledgeable attorney, you aren’t alone, or trapped in any way simply because of a charge that involves driving under the influence. Trust the skilled legal professionals who have the experience and resources to help you. Even though things may seem bleak now, a lawyer can do a great deal to make your legal situation better. The very fact that you hired outside representation shows the criminal justice system you take the charge seriously and are prepared to vigorously defend yourself with a professional’s help.

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Depending upon your individual charge, a lawyer may be able to negotiate lesser charges or sentencing options, such as probation before judgment (PBJ). If your attorney succeeds in getting you PBJ, you’ll be rewarded with no criminal conviction. At times, it’s necessary to fight a DUI charge in court — this is also something an attorney can help with.
With our extensive firm resources and dedicated attorneys, we have helped many clients facing DUI charges in Potomac and throughout Montgomery County. Trust our scrutiny and training to work towards a positive outcome for you. For a free consultation, call our firm today to talk to one of our DUI lawyers about the charges you’re facing.

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