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Prince George’s County Reckless Driving Penalties

Reckless driving is a citation in Prince George’s County. It is not a must-appear ticket or a jail-able offense like it is in other places, but it is a separate citation that is typically written in conjunction with negligent driving. Reckless driving is any form of driving that is done in a manner that is outside the scope of what a reasonable person would do. It does not necessarily have to involve speed, but it involves driving a car in an intentional manner without regard for safety. This includes the safety of others on the road, of themselves, of property, etc. The  Prince George’s County reckless driving penalties for driving recklessly are serious. A determined reckless driving lawyer could work diligently to protect your rights and mitigate the penalties you face.

Scenarios Where Someone Can Be Charged with Reckless Driving

One example of reckless driving is when there is a snowstorm outside that has given the area whiteout conditions and the person is driving 35 miles per hour. Even if the speed limit in that area is 35 miles per hour, that could be deemed reckless because it is not safe for the conditions. A reasonable person in that situation should decide that it would be intelligent to slow down because they cannot see in front of them, and failing to slow down would clearly pose a threat to the safety of not only the driver of the vehicle but of other drivers that may be on the road. Instead of being directly related to speed, reckless driving is more in relation to behavior that is not wise based upon the conditions.

Severity of Reckless Driving Charges

Reckless driving is not a jail-able offense.  One of the Prince George’s County reckless driving penalties is a fine which can be paid if a person is so inclined. The only problem is that if the person does pay it or is found guilty, the MVA gets involved because reckless driving is a six-point violation and, depending on the status of the person’s license, they will have their license either suspended or revoked. At best, the person will be required to do a driver improvement course through the MVA.

Paying Reckless Driving Tickets

Reckless driving tickets can be paid ahead of time at any district court in the State of Maryland or online. For example, if a person received a ticket in Prince George’s County and they happened to live in Washington County, they can pay the ticket in Washington County at the district courthouse. They do not have to go back to Prince George’s County to pay the ticket. However, a person does need to appear in court after being charged with reckless driving, if they request a hearing and do not pay the ticket before they go to court.

One of the main Prince George’s County reckless driving penalties is six points on a license if the person is convicted. However, this is given out by the MVA. The district court does not and cannot put points on a license. The fine for reckless driving through the district court is $510.

Expectations of the Reckless Driving Court Process

A reckless driving charge will be treated differently depending on the judge and on the circumstances. It is a case-by-case scenario that is dictated by the facts. Much of what a person should expect from the process of a reckless driving case in Prince George’s County depends on whether or not the officer shows up for court. If an officer does not show up for court, it is possible to get the ticket dismissed or moved down to a negligent driving citation, which only carries one point on a person’s license.

There are no prosecutors for reckless driving tickets. These are not jail-able offenses. The only person that shows up to offer evidence for the state is the police officer. Unlike other jurisdictions, this is not a citation; it has no prosecutor, nor even a mandatory appearance in court.

Role of a Prince George’s County Reckless Driving Attorney

In a reckless driving case, the role of an attorney is to assist in a manner that will make the charge less impactful for you. Reckless driving is a six-point violation. Six points is serious because, at eight points in Maryland, a person may face the suspension of their license and may have to attend a driver improvement course.

It is important to work with a local attorney when facing the possibility of Prince George’s County reckless driving penalties because they will be familiar with the courthouses, the officers, and the judges. The attorney needs to have a relationship with the officer to be able to negotiate and work with them toward a lower charge.

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