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Drug DUI Cases: What to Expect in Rockville Court

Rockville law enforcement take DUI cases very seriously. They want to discourage future driving under the influence charges, regardless of the cause of the impairment. If charged with a drug DUI in Rockville, someone will have to first attend MVA hearings that can impact your license. When they subsequently go  to court to face these charges, they can expect prosecutors to be very vigorous. Hiring a Rockville drug DUI lawyer means having someone by your side, fighting against the prosecution in your defense. Call and consult with an attorney today.

How a Rockville DUID Lawyer Can Help

Driving under the influence of drugs is a very serious offense. The court process in Rockville is not going to be any different from the process of any other arrest for being under the influence of a substance while driving a car.

A Rockville DUID attorney will make sure that you preserve all of your rights associated with Rockville MVA hearings. They will also make sure you enroll in some kind of drug education program so that the judge knows and can see that you have taken this seriously. Court systems usually hear each case within about 90 days from the incident date. An attorney will help you go through and establish whether or not a defense exists that might challenge the probable cause associated with the case. They can also look for other ways to exclude evidence against you, which can also be beneficial to you in court.

It is important to contact a Rockville drug DUI attorney immediately to make sure that all the evidence is reviewed and your rights are preserved during that process.

Defense Strategies in Court

Defense strategies include challenging probable cause for the original police stop; challenging the reasonable, articulable suspicion to have stopped your car; challenging probable cause to arrest you based on lack of Field Sobriety Tests; and challenging the expertise of any drug recognition experts. A Rockville drug DUI lawyer can also call upon expert witnesses to speak in your defense by challenging the blood or urinalysis screening, or anything that could be official representation of a toxicology screening.

Biggest Mistakes to Avoid

The biggest mistake to avoid in Rockville drug DUI cases is thinking that you can go about handling a case like this without consulting an attorney. There are extremely significant ramifications associated with drug DUIs at the Motor Vehicle Administration hearing as well as at any subsequent criminal proceedings in a courtroom. Again, prosecutors and judges do not take these charges lightly, and will seek to dole out harsh punishments that may have very damaging repercussions in both the short and long-term. Challenging the probable cause for arrest as well as the admissibility of any toxicology screenings associated with each case is extremely important. Perhaps even more important is damage control. Getting you enrolled in certified drug education programs will demonstrate to the court how seriously you, as the defendant, take this incident. Attorneys will help you navigate that and understand exactly what it is that you need to do to control the situation before it gets to court.

Common Defenses in DUI Drug Cases

Some of the most common defenses that Rockville drug DUI lawyers look at include:

  1. If the intoxication was caused by prescription drugs, were the drugs prescribed properly?
  2. If they were under the influence of a drug, was that drug the basis for the alleged bad driving or lack of coordination?
  3. Were there other medical issues or reasons for their behavior?

If the government is unable to show a nexus between the bad driving and the drugs, then highlighting that for the court can be a good defense strategy.