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Proving Impairment in Rockville Drug DUI Cases

Rockville law enforcement are cracking down on people who are driving under the influence, regardless of whether their impairment is due to alcohol or drugs. If someone is pulled over by police and the police suspect that person is drug-impaired, the testing process is largely the same as a normal DUI stop, with some variation. A Rockville DUI lawyer can provide more in-depth information about DUID charges, so call and schedule a consultation today.

How Rockville Police Decide to Charge Someone with a Drug DUI

If officers suspect someone is under the influence of drugs they will contact a drug recognition expert in the county who will administer different field sobriety tests. These are not necessarily administered to somebody who is simply being investigated for driving under the influence of alcohol. The officer would make a determination on whether to charge someone based on how they performed on those drug recognition tests. There can also be a urinalysis or blood screening performed on the individual to determine the appropriate charges.

Refusing Tests

You can certainly refuse the field sobriety tests and any chemical breath tests or other tests in Maryland. However, the court is permitted to draw negative inferences based on the refusal.
Some of the ways that being under the influence of drugs might be determined by officers would be by drug recognition experts giving various motor skills tests, urinalysis testing, and blood screening to determine the level of drugs in the system.

Other Methods of Determining Impairment

Perhaps authorities could try to prove that you are impaired based on bad driving. They may try to prove that you are impaired based on your inability to communicate; slurred speech; bloodshot, watery eyes; and lack of motor skills. Also, if you admit to consuming of any kind of drugs or if at the time you are stopped they find drugs in your vehicle or on your person, these factors could all be considered in determining your level of impairment while you were under the influence of drugs.

Legal Prescription Medication in Rockville Drug DUI Cases

Even though somebody might be in legal possession of prescription medications for a legitimate health issue, they may not operate machinery while under the influence of that substance. Driving under the influence of prescription medication is illegal, even if they have been lawfully prescribed.

Over the Counter Medication

It is also considered a violation of law to be driving under the influence of over-the-counter medications. Just because something is an over-the-counter medication does not mean it does not impair your ability. Antihistamines and many other medications do cause a lack of clarity, and for that reason have labels warning people not to operate machinery and to use caution if they do so. It is the responsibility of the driver to determine whether they can safely drive under the influence of that medication.