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Restricted Licenses in DUI Cases

A restricted license following a DUI license suspension hearing in Salisbury will allow the driver to drive for very limited purposes. It will be basically just to drive to and from work or to and from school, to and from certain medical appointments if there is documentation provided that the driver needs to go back and forth to a doctor’s office.

If the driver is given a restricted license after a DUI, the driver goes back out into the MVA and receives a plastic license but it says on the license that it is a restricted license. What that means to the driver is if he is driving on that restricted license and is stopped by a police officer, he is going to have to be able to articulate that he is driving to and from work or to or from school or otherwise there is a totally separate traffic offense for violating the license restrictions. It is very important for a drive to understand that if they are given a restricted license, they can only drive for those very limited purposes. There will be a separate sense of consequences for driving for any other purpose.

Is It Possible to Get a Restricted License In Salisbury, MD?

It is possible to get a restricted license. In order to be able to get a restricted license, the breath test result would have to be less than a .15. So, typically, a .08 but less than a .15 would allow a restricted license to be issued. However, it’s important at the hearing to justify why the restricted license is necessary.

In these cases, it would be important to have proof of employment, proof of being enrolled in school, letters from doctors to corroborate a need to drive for medical care. That’s the evidence that would be necessary to get a restricted license. And also it’s incredibly important for a driver to understand that that license is restricted to exactly that, employment, school, medical care. The driver cannot drive for any other purpose.

Obtaining a Restricted License

If the driver is granted a restricted license, then they will exit the hearing room and will go receive a plastic license again from the MVA. However, that license is going to state on it that it is a restricted license which means that if the driver is stopped and a police officer asked for their license, the officer will be able to see that there’s restriction on it. The officer can then question the driver as to where is they are going or where they have been.

If the driver is driving for any purpose other than those allowed under the restricted license, then they will receive a whole separate set of citations for driving in violation of the restrictions. Additionally, he could end up having to go court on those tickets as well.

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