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Hiring An Attorney For a Third DUI in Salisbury, Maryland

If a driver has been charged with a third DUI then the defendant should immediately begin looking for a Salisbury DUI attorney that has a great deal of experience in defending third offense DUI cases and a great deal of experience in trial work. A lot of experience in litigation is very important.

An individual who’s facing a third DUI could very well be needing an attorney to prepare for a trial. And that could be a trial that takes place in district court in front of one judge or it could be a trial that’s going to take place in front of a jury in circuit court. So it is incredibly important to be looking for an attorney who has that kind of experience and an attorney that regularly handles DUI cases.

What An Attorney Can Do For Your Case

An attorney that is serious about handling DUI cases is not just going to go to court and handle those cases. That attorney is also going to be constantly attending additional training and bettering themselves to be a more effective attorney for these kinds of cases. A defendant should be looking for a lawyer that consistently is keeping themselves educated as to the changes that occur in the statues and the changes that take place in the law. The law is fluid. It is constantly changing. New cases come out every year and so that the defendant should be looking for an attorney who takes these cases seriously but also takes his or her education and continued training seriously as well.

Importance of Local Experience

When looking for an attorney, local experience is huge. It is not something that should be ignored. You want to hire an attorney that regularly practices in the jurisdiction where the defendant has been charged. A local attorney will be familiar with the prosecutors, the police officers, and the judges. A local attorney will know what set of facts is likely to set off a judge or what argument, what fourth amendment argument might work best in front of one judge versus another.

You can’t have that sort of understanding about judges and the prosecutors and the police officers unless you regularly are walking into that courtroom every week and interacting with all of those different people.

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If you are facing DUI charges in Salisbury and you have two or more prior DUI/DWI convictions, contact an experienced and local DUI attorney in Salisbury today. Contacting an attorney costs nothing, and it can give you more perspective on your case as well as a chance to discuss your options with an experienced defense lawyer.

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