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Somerset DUI Stop Process

The typical Somerset DUI stop process begins with a police officer pulling over a vehicle because the officer has observed some sort of infraction or a moving violation. It can be critical to speak with an established driving under the influence lawyer as soon as you have been stopped or accused.

Commonality of DUI Stops in Somerset

Somerset driving under the influence stops can take place anywhere including on the state highway but in Somerset County, it can take place on any of the streets in the city of Princess Ann. It could take place anywhere but typically what happens is that the officer has observed some sort of traffic violation and then the officer turns on his emergency equipment and pulls the vehicle over.

Sometimes, the police will receive a call from a concerned citizen who is actually driving behind a vehicle and they suspect that the other driver is DUI. In the facts of the case, then the police will be looking for that particular vehicle. The initiation of the Somerset DUI stop process could be based on either what they have been told about the way that the vehicle was being driven or they will observe traffic violations themselves.

What to Expect from the Initial Stop

The general step-by-step process is that there is the initial stop of the car for some sort of traffic violation or some sort of suspicion. The next step would be the initial contact with the driver where the officer is asking some questions, trying to get some information from the driver The next step would be asking to get out of the car and perform some field sobriety tests.

At that point, the officer has to make a decision about whether or not to charge the driver with a DUI. If the officer has access to a preliminary breath test device, then he or she may ask the person to take a PBT then that would be used by the officer to confirm their suspicion that the person is DUI.

What is the Role of the Driver?

Those being pulled over are going to be advised of their right to take a breathalyzer because under Maryland law and for anybody who is driving who has a license, it is implicit in that agreement when a driver gets their license that they would take a breath test if requested. However, they have to be advised of their rights regarding a breath test.

If the driver has decided to take a breathalyzer, then the next step would be transporting them to a location where they can take the breathalyzer. The officer has to make a decision about whether or not to charge by citations and let them be picked up by a sober driver or if they are going to arrest the individual and actually take them to a jail to go through the booking process.

Common Questions Law Enforcement May Ask

The first thing that the officer will ask for in a Somerset DUI stop process is the license and registration and also will typically tell the driver why he or she has been pulled over. I think it is important for drivers to understand that it is at that moment that the police officer is beginning the investigation of a possible DUI. In various cases, an officer’s testimony includes all kinds of information about their first interaction with the driver.

Somerset DUI Stops