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Wicomico Theft Lawyer

If you have been charged with a theft in the Wicomico area, you may be unsure of how to proceed. Understanding the relevant laws in Maryland is the first step to planning your legal strategy. Let one of our Wicomico theft lawyers assist you with your case. Our experienced Wicomico criminal attorneys provide clients with support and guidance from start to finish.

How a Wicomico Theft Lawyer can Help You

Our experienced theft lawyers in the Wicomico area offer a variety of legal services, including:

  • Full investigation of your case;
  • Analysis of all pertinent evidence;
  • Regular communication and frequent updates on case status;
  • Preparation and support for court appearances;
  • Possible settlement negotiations;

Let one of our seasoned Wicomico theft lawyers take on your case. We will address any questions or concerns you might have and make sure you are fully prepared to proceed with your case.

Theft Laws in Maryland

Maryland has a number of different theft laws, so it is important to understand the differences. Here is a brief synopsis:

  • Theft, generally, is the act of acquiring property without permission and knowingly concealing the property to deprive it from the owner, or having intent to deprive it from the owner. Maryland Code Section 7-104(a).
  • Theft by Deception is acquiring property by means of deception with the intent of depriving it from the owner. 7-104(b).
  • Possession of Stolen Property is the act of possessing property which is stolen when the person knows or believes it is likely that the property is stolen and intends to deprive the property from the owner. 7-104(c).
  • Control Over Lost Property is acquiring property which a person knows is lost or misplaced and the person either knows who the rightful owner is and intends to deprive that owner of his/her property, or fails to take reasonable measures to learn the identity of the owner to return it. 7-104(d).
  • Robbery involves the act of theft and violence or threat of violence.

Penalties for these theft crimes depend upon the value of the property involved. Theft of property or services valued at less than $1,000 is a misdemeanor punishable by up to 18 months in prison, a fine up to $500, and return of the property to the owner. MD Code Section 7-104(g)(2)(i). Thefts of property valued at greater than $1,000 are felony charges with harsher penalties depending upon the exact value of the property in question. MD Code Section 7-104(g)(1).

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For any crime, an individual is presumed innocent until he/she is proven guilty. Each of the crimes listed above requires that the State prove a number of different elements, beyond a reasonable doubt, to secure a conviction. Our Wicomico theft attorneys know what the required elements are for each different theft charge, and they have a thorough understanding of the burden of proof required of the State. Let us handle your case. We can conduct a full analysis of each element required for your particular charge, based on the particular circumstances of your case. Call today for your free consultation.

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