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Wicomico Robbery Lawyer

If you are accused of robbery or another serious crime, you are likely to fear the potential consequences that you could face for a conviction under Maryland law. Taking certain steps from the very beginning of your case can go a long way toward building a strong defense against these types of charges.

Contacting a Wicomico robbery lawyer for advice as quickly as possible following your arrest may put you in a better position to seek a positive resolution of your case. Contact a seasoned theft attorney today and get started on your defense.

Robbery Defined Under Maryland Law

Robbery, as provided for in Md. Code §3-401(e), involves elements of both theft and an act or threat of violence. All robberies involve an intentional taking of property that belongs to others or services by force or a threat of force.

Additionally, the definition of robbery includes an intent to withhold the property from its owner either permanently or for a period of time that appropriates part of the property’s value. Individuals also must intend to restore the property to its owner only upon the payment of a reward or other compensation or to dispose of, use, or deal with the property in a way that makes its owner unlikely to recover it.

The property, as referred to in the robbery statute, can be anything of value. A service can be labor or professional service, utility or transportation service, lodging, restaurant, or entertainment service, or the usage of computers or other equipment.

Possible Penalties for a Robbery Conviction

Pursuant to §3-402, committing or attempting to commit robbery is a felony offense. The potential penalty for a robbery conviction is a prison sentence of up to 15 years. Additionally, the collateral consequences of a felony conviction may be severe.

Since robbery is considered to be a violent crime due to the element of actual or threatened violence involved, it can be difficult for individuals to find employment following a robbery conviction. Individuals also may have difficulties finding housing, may be unable to vote, and could be shut out of some occupations altogether. This is why it is important for defendants to reach out to a seasoned Wicomico robbery lawyer.

Potential Enhancements to Wicomico Robbery Charges

Depending on the circumstances, an incident that involves robbery or attempted robbery may result in enhanced charges and penalties. For example, individuals who use or represent that they are using a firearm or other type of deadly weapon during a robbery can be charged with armed robbery.

Under §3-403, an armed robbery conviction can result in a prison sentence of up to 20 years, with a minimum sentence of five years, which is a harsher sentence than for a straight robbery conviction.

Defenses to Robbery

There are a number of defenses that may be available in robbery cases. In some cases, individuals may be innocent of the charges due to mistaken identity. There may be police misconduct involved. Duress or entrapment also may be a potential defense in robbery cases, depending on the circumstances. Speak with an accomplished defense attorney to learn more about building a strong defense for robbery charges.

Reach Out to a Wicomico Robbery Attorney

When you are accused of a serious crime, you are likely to be confused and overwhelmed. Given the potential severity of the penalties for robbery under Maryland law, taking a proactive approach can be key to protecting your rights and building an effective defense to the charges.

Sitting down and having a consultation with an experienced Wicomico robbery lawyer could help you narrow down your options and make informed decisions about the strategy to take in your case.

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