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Worcester County DUI Attorney

If you are stopped for a traffic violation such as failing to signal or speeding, a Worcester County DUI lawyer can tell you that even this small incident might lead to a more serious drunk driving charge.
Sharing details of your evening with the police officer is not necessary. In fact, our attorneys will often tell clients they are free to keep such information—for instance, how many drinks they have had—to themselves. Do not give police officers any more reason to believe you are drunk than they already have. It is possible they will want you to take field sobriety tests while you are on the scene. Refusing these tests will result in an automatic suspension of your driving license.
If you are facing a drunk driving charge like this, our Worcester County DUI attorneys can help make sure that your rights and privileges are protected throughout the process. It may be wise to say nothing at all to law enforcement before talking to an attorney.
Cases involving drunk driving arrests are usually heard before a judge at the Worcester County District Court, located at 301 Commerce Street in Snow Hill, Maryland. You may want to have an attorney with you at that time – they know how to defend your case as well as protect your rights.

Worcester County DUI Penalties

Our attorneys don’t want to see their clients suffer the serious penalties of drunk driving convictions. These consequences can include:

  • Large fines
  • Driving record points
  • Driving privilege suspension or revocation
  • Lengthy jail sentences

Did you know that consequences for drunk driving convictions can increase with the number of offenses? This means that your legal situation can quickly get worse if you rack up multiple drunk driving charges. If this happens to you, speak to a lawyer as soon as you can.

Worcester County Courthouse

Worcester County CourthouseWorcester County Circuit Court is located at One West Market Street in Snow Hill, Maryland. There is a free municipal parking lot across the street that fills up quickly, so make sure to arrive well before your designated court appearance time. Street parking is free but limited, and the streets around the courthouse are pretty narrow. In terms of dining, The Palette is a popular restaurant in the area that is only one block away on Green Street. Cell phones are permitted in Worcester County Circuit Court.
Worcester County District Court has two locations. The Worcester County District Courthouse in Snow Hill, Maryland is located at 301 Commerce Street. Located near the circuit court, this location has a good amount of free parking. The Palette on Green Street is the main dining option in the area.
The Ocean City location for Worcester District Court is at 6505 Coastal Highway. In addition to the ample free parking at this location, there are endless eating options from fast food to upscale seafood restaurants. Ocean City also has a popular and affordable ($1 all-day pass) bus system. In both Worcester County District Courthouses, cell phones and personal electronic devices are allowed inside.

Driving Directions to Snow Hill District Court

301 Commerce Street
Snow Hill, MD 21863
From Route 50 proceed east through Salisbury. Pass the Shopper’s World shopping mall (on right) and take the exit for Norfolk South. Proceed to the Snow Hill Route 12 exit. Turn left at the stop sign and proceed 15 miles, crossing Pocomoke River Bridge. Turn right onto River Street to Commerce Street. The court is located is on the left.

Parking at Snow Hill District Court

There is parking in front of the building.

Snow Hill District Court Clerk

M. Carol Llewellyn-Jones

Driving Directions to Ocean City District Court

6505 Coastal Highway
Ocean City, MD 21842
From Route 50, proceed east toward the Salisbury/Ocean City Exit. Right off 50 to take Route 90 entrance to Ocean City. After crossing the bridge, take a left at stoplight onto Coastal Highway. Stay in left lane to turn at the next stoplight (65th Street). There is a large District Court sign at end of the street. The Ocean City District Court Building is on the right.

Parking at Ocean City District Court

There is parking in front of the building.

Ocean City District Court Clerk Desk

(410) 723-6935

Driving Directions to Circuit Court

One West Market Street
P.O. Box 40
Snow Hill, Maryland 21863
From Berlin, MD
Take Route 113 South to Snow Hill – Route 113 Business Exit. Bear right, proceeding on Market Street (pass McDonald’s and Dollar General). At the traffic light, turn right onto Washington Street. After one block, turn right onto Green Street. The municipal parking lot is on the left.
From Pocomoke, MD
Take Route 113 North to Snow Hill – Route 113 Business Exit. Bear right, proceeding on Market Street (pass Snow Hill Nursing Home and Byrd Park). At the traffic light, turn left onto Washington Street. After a block, turn right onto Green Street. The municipal parking lot is on the left.
From Salisbury, MD
Take US Route 50/13 Bypass around Salisbury. Continue past the exit for Ocean City to the Maryland Route 12 exit (near mile marker 32). Turn left at the end of the ramp and follow Route 12 for approximately 15 miles. When you enter Snow Hill, turn left onto Green Street. The courthouse is at the traffic light at the intersection of Market and Washington Streets.

Parking at Circuit Court

Municipal parking lot is around the corner of courthouse.

Worcester DUI Lawyer

Driving under the influence is a criminal charge in Maryland. A person who is suspected of driving under the influence of intoxicating substances in Worcester County may be charged with a DWI or DUI. If you have been charged with an alcohol-related traffic violation, you should consider consulting with an experienced Worcester DUI lawyer to help you prepare for your legal battle.
Penalties for driving under the influence vary depending on the level of intoxication of the driver and whether the driver has any previous convictions in this area. The first conviction will carry a mandatory fine of $250, license suspension, and alcohol safety classes paid for at the expense of the driver. If, however, the blood alcohol level (BAC) of the driver was between 0.15 and 0.20, the driver will face a mandatory minimum jail sentence of 5 days upon the first conviction. If the BAC was above .21, the mandatory minimum jail sentence increases to ten days. Jail sentences and fines increase after the second or subsequent drunk driving convictions. Since penalties are severe, it is wise for anyone facing a conviction to contact an experienced DUI lawyer in Worcester County.
No two criminal defense cases are identical, and that fact extends to drunk driving cases. There are a number of different variables that can totally change the charge you are facing or the penalties that could be assessed upon conviction. It would be extremely difficult for you to represent yourself without extensive knowledge of DUI law in the state of Maryland and experience representing clients against similar charges. Without this, there is no way to be sure that your case will have its best chance to obtain a positive result. When you retain one of our attorneys to work on your behalf, you ensure that your rights are protected throughout the trial and that you have a highly qualified legal professional working on your side throughout the process.

Worcester County Criminal Defense Attorney