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Worcester Sex Crimes Lawyer

People who are facing allegations of a sex crime tend to be frightened and confused. What may have appeared to be a consensual physical act has now resulted in the filing of charges. In other situations, a misunderstanding or a misreading of intent could cause police to take notice. Anyone who has been accused of a sexual offense should immediately consult with a skilled Worcester sex crimes lawyer. A dedicated criminal defense attorney could help explain the charges and advocate on a person’s behalf in court.

There is no definition of what constitutes a sex crime in Maryland. However, one characteristic that they all share following a conviction is the obligation to register as a sex offender. This will affect a person’s life for far longer than any prison sentence. If you were accused of a sex crime, call today and schedule an appointment to start building a comprehensive defense strategy.

Common Examples of Sex Crimes

The most obvious examples of sex crimes in Maryland are those that involve rape. However, rape is not a one-dimensional charge under Maryland’s criminal law. Md. Criminal Law Code Ann. §3-303 creates the offense of rape in the first degree.

This statute says that it is illegal for any person to engage in any sexual act through the use or threat of force without the consent of the other. This includes sexual intercourse but can also include other methods of penetration. The penalty here can rise to as high as life imprisonment.

Maryland law also creates the offense of rape in the second degree. Under Md. Criminal Law Code Ann. §3-304, rape in the second degree involves engaging in sexual intercourse with an alleged victim who is physically or mentally helpless. The maximum penalty here is 20 years in prison.

However, rape is not the only example of a sexual crime in Maryland. Other sex acts that are illegal include:

  • Incest
  • Child pornography
  • Unwelcome touching or assault
  • Voyeurism

While these offenses can result in a lengthy prison sentence following a conviction, they are also likely to require a defendant to register as a sex offender. Because of this, people facing sex crime allegations need to put forward a powerful defense with the help of a skilled Worcester attorney.

What an Attorney Can Do for You

Many sex crime allegations involve a simple matter of he-said, she-said. However, police officers take great care to ensure that all allegations of sexual crime are given their due investigation. This can often include the gathering of scientific evidence that may appear to tie a defendant to a case. As a result, defendants in sex crime cases may feel that the deck is stacked against them.

An attorney could help to refute this evidence. They can work to conduct their own investigation into the incident, including whether there was proof of consent prior to contact. They can also work to cross-examine the presenters of scientific evidence in court and may even work with their own experts to rebut DNA evidence. Finally, a Worcester attorney could help to identify alibis that may place accused individuals at a different location at the time of the alleged sex crime.

Speak to a Worcester Sex Crimes Attorney

Any allegation of a sex crime is a serious matter. Even misdemeanor level offenses that may not result in a jail sentence upon conviction could require a defendant to register as a sex offender if convicted. It is essential that defendants take every possible step to defend themselves.

This may include working with a Worcester sex crimes lawyer. Attorneys work to help alleged persons understand the law behind their cases, to identify any weak points in a prosecutor’s case, and to exploit those points in court. Contact an attorney today to learn more.