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Worcester DUI Stops

Worcester DUI stops can be daunting for anyone who has not been pulled over before. You have the right to ask to speak with an experienced DUI attorney and you should do so. Taking and refusing the breath test can have very serious consequences on one’s case. Therefore, speaking with a lawyer as soon as possible can be beneficial for your case.

What Do Officers Look for When Pulling Someone Over?

The police officers are going to be looking for any sort of driving that suggests that you have consumed alcohol. It is important for a driver to understand that you can be pulled over for any traffic infraction for any moving violation. An individual should be wary that Worcester DUI stops can then very quickly progress into a DUI investigation.

If a driver is weaving, not staying in their lane, crossing the center line then, the officer is going is to probably suspect that the driver has consumed alcohol. And as soon as you are stopped, they’re going to begin an investigation for possible DUI.

The same also can be true if the driver is pulled over simply for speeding. Many times, people are pulled over for an infraction like the registration plate is not properly illuminated which has nothing to do with any sort of erratic or bizarre driving, which can lead to an investigation of DUI.

Police officers in the late evening hours are often more suspicious of drivers being DUI but that is not always the case. It is perfectly legal for a police officer to pull a car over for basically any moving violation or any sort of traffic infraction even if their intent is to conduct a DUI investigation, as long as they have a legitimate legal basis to pull the car over.

What is the DRE?

If the officer may call in a police officer that is trained as a Drug Recognition Expert. A DRE is a police officer who has received additional training to detect if the accused is under the influence of some sort of a depressant that the person has taken. DRE’s at Worcester DUI stops will conduct a physical examination where they are checking the person’s pulse and heart rate, et cetera, blood pressure to try and figure out if that is an indication that they have taken some sort of drug.

How Law Enforcement Handles Suspicion of Intoxication

Officers typically make that decision based on whether or not they detect any alcohol. If a police officer made contact with the driver and they seemed to be under the influence but the officer does not smell alcohol, then that can lead the officer to believe that perhaps the person is under the influence of a different kind of drug. A lot of times, that suspicion is confirmed by asking the driver to take a preliminary breath test and the test result is 0.0.

This often means that the individual does not appear to have consumed any alcohol but they are still acting in a way that suggests that they are under the influence of something. The driver might still be having difficulty with balance, or slurring their speech, maybe swaying or acting erratically and the officer is trying to figure out what is causing that. Contact an attorney about how to try disproving probable cause for Worcester DUI stops.

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