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Annapolis Domestic Violence Lawyer

Nobody ever enters into a marriage, domestic partnership or other residential arrangement thinking that their relationship will one day descend into serious conflict and perhaps even physical confrontations. The sad truth is that domestic violence and allegations of such acts happen all too often, impacting individuals and families in ways they could never have imagined.
The consequences of being accused or convicted of an act of domestic violence can be extremely severe and take hold with surprising quickness. Therefore if you are the subject of a complaint of this nature, it is critical that you take all possible measures to halt or at least mitigate the potentially crushing effects of domestic violence allegations on your personal, professional and financial life.
Times like these are when an Annapolis domestic violence lawyer can offer the compassionate assistance you need to set the record straight, have your side of the story heard, and successfully move forward. To learn what initial steps you can take to aid in building a strong defense, consult with a defense attorney in Annapolis today.

Domestic Violence in Maryland

Because not everyone has a full understanding of precisely what constitutes domestic violence in Maryland, it makes sense to spend some time becoming familiar with the state’s statutory definitions. Section 4-501 of Maryland’s Family Law Articles outlines a number of factual situations which could be legally deemed domestic violence. These offenses which may warrant contact with a domestic violence attorney in Annapolis include:

  • Rape (actual and attempted)
  • Kidnapping
  • Physical assault
  • Stalking
  • False imprisonment
  • Any action designed to create a fear of immediate harm

To have a full appreciation of Maryland’s definition of domestic violence, it is also important to comprehend the various relationships to which the concept can apply.
Domestic violence is something that can happen between individuals who are blood relatives, related through adoption or marriage, partners who have chosen to cohabitate, children and parents or step-parents and individuals within a household who do not possess the necessary physical or mental faculties to care for their needs on a daily basis.

First Steps to Take

Once the wheels of a domestic violence complaint are set in motion, things can happen very fast, causing almost instantaneous upheaval in the life of the accused. Because of Section 4-509 of Maryland’s Family Law Articles, one who has been accused of domestic violence can be arrested without a warrant, as long as the complaint at issue was made within 48 hours of that arrest and that the law enforcement agent reasonably believes there is a threat of additional, imminent harm or that the accused may flee authorities and/or destroy evidence.
Police adherence to all procedural safeguards is critical to fairness in matters such as this, and an Annapolis domestic violence lawyer will work diligently to make certain that the rights of the accused are respected.

Protective Orders

The availability of protective orders to alleged victims of domestic violence is yet another factor weighing in favor of promptly securing the aid of an attorney practicing in this area of law.
In Maryland, it is often possible for accused parties to be subjected to orders which can negatively alter child custody arrangements, access to a place of residence, ability to possess firearms, and more. This can happen even if the allegations of domestic violence, in fact, turn out to be baseless.
The silver lining for accused individuals, however, is that prior to making any order of this type final for a period of 12 months, a court hearing must be granted so that each side may be aired.
At this stage in the process, it is critical to obtain the help of an Annapolis domestic violence lawyer committed to reaching the most favorable outcome possible.


In addition to the embarrassment and societal stigma inevitably brought about by accusations related to domestic violence, convictions in such matters can yield a series of extremely serious consequences. Section 4-509 of Maryland’s Family Law Article provides for sanctions that include incarceration and hefty fines for violation of protective orders issued in domestic violence cases.
Making matters worse is the fact that a criminal record characterized by domestic violence offenses can render the task of getting and keeping gainful employment more difficult than ever before. Those with professional licenses may suddenly find their livelihood at risk.

Ultimately, mounting an aggressive defense against domestic violence charges is the best way to stop or ameliorate the impact on the life of the accused as well as their entire family.

A Domestic Violence Lawyer Can Help

In scenarios involving allegations of domestic violence, there truly are no winners. If you have been accused of involvement in an offense of this nature, it is necessary to take prompt action to preserve your rights and begin the fight for a fair result.
To learn how an Annapolis domestic violence attorney can assist in your quest for justice, contact us today.