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Annapolis Gun Lawyer

Gun charges are among the most serious  in any state, and in any county in Maryland. Gun charges have received a lot of attention recently because of shootings that took place all over the country in schools and other random places. For that reason, guns are the focus of many court systems and gun safety has become very important in terms of state legislation. Anyone facing gun charges should consult with an experienced criminal attorney, so that they can counter the aggressive prosecution in these cases. Call today for help from a dedicated Annapolis gun lawyer.

Common Gun or Firearm Offenses

The most common firearm offense is the unlawful transport of a handgun. This is a charge that is often seen in all counties in Maryland. It involves people who are otherwise responsible gun owners and do not intend to commit a crime. However, they are not following the protocol they are required to follow when they are in possession of, or transporting a handgun, on their person or in their vehicle.

Usually, this is a violation that is as simple as hiding a gun in their passenger compartment as opposed to a locked box in the trunk. They may otherwise be innocently in possession of the gun, might be using it for sport, or transporting it back and forth from a gun range, but they were a little lazy or careless and didn’t store it properly in an appropriate location as they are mandated to by the Maryland rules. Should someone be charged with something as serious as this, it is crucial they contact an experienced Annapolis gun attorney as soon as they can.

Prosecution of Gun Charges in Annapolis

Whenever prosecutor’s offices have gun cases, they treat these cases very seriously because they recognize that possession of a gun is potentially the first step towards future issues with that gun. For example, a child might find that gun and hurt himself or somebody else; or that gun could be used by a person to commit an illegal act.

Although gun ownership is legal in the state of Maryland, the police and prosecutors want to make sure the people take seriously the rules on gun safety, storing guns properly, and not making any errors in the way they transport guns in their vehicles or on their person. People who do not follow these rules could lose the privilege to own a gun and should rely on an Annapolis attorney for legal help.

The long-term repercussions of a gun offense conviction will depend on the charge, but they could be something as significant as being on the individual’s criminal record for life.

Work with an Annapolis Gun Attorney

Gun charges require a tremendous amount of investigation. It is important for an individual to work with an Annapolis gun lawyer who has the time and experience to conduct a full investigation of their gun case, as well as the ability to pull any information on licenses or training that the individual might have that could assist the court in mitigating a gun conviction against them. Working with a law firm that has the opportunity, the time, and the resources to do that is extremely important to formulate the most complete defense possible to assist on a case like this. Call our team today to get started.