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Annapolis Possession with Intent to Distribute Lawyer

Possession with intent to distribute means that a person is in possession of a controlled and dangerous substance as well as indications of intent to distribute the controlled and dangerous substance. One can be found facing this charge if there is a large volume of drugs in a person’s possession.

The large amount of drugs can make it difficult to argue that they are for personal use. For example, if the controlled substances are packaged in several individual bags of smaller portions, law enforcement and the prosecution may infer that they are being prepared for distribution and sale. Other indications of distribution include finding items such as a scale and/or large amounts of money within close proximity of the illegal substance.

When facing possession with intent to distribute, contact an Annapolis Drug attorney to begin building the best defense possible for the facts and circumstances of your case. An experienced Annapolis possession with intent to distribute lawyer will make this difficult process much easier to handle.

Constructive Possession

Actual possession involves a person having a controlled substance in their control, which means that they have the item on their body, in their pockets, or in a bag that they are carrying. Constructive possession is usually raised when there is more than one person occupying a particular area where something is found.
To establish constructive possession, a prosecutor must demonstrate that even though a person did not have the item on their body or in their hand, the proximity of it to them and the circumstances surrounding the event, indicate that the item belonged to the person. It is a difficult theory of proof for prosecutors and a drug lawyer in Annapolis will utilize their knowledge to create a strong defense against such efforts.

Penalties for Possession With Intent

The ramifications for possession with intent to distribute a controlled and dangerous substance are significant. It is a felony offense which may involve imprisonment and a lengthy period of probation. There are also significant fines and a stigma that is associated with being a convicted felon, which could disqualify a person from obtaining jobs, security clearances, professional licenses, loans, and living in certain neighborhoods, among other collateral consequences. Usually, there are not diversion programs or alternative methods of resolution available for people that are charged with felony possession with intent to distribute.

Advantages of Working with a Lawyer

An attorney is able to assist you with all of the constitutional issues that are associated with this kind of case. Possession with intent to distribute cases usually involve a search of your person or the premises, whether that is a home, vehicle, apartment, or hotel. In doing so, the police have to comply with Fourth Amendment principles.
If a police officer is not able to establish compliance, prosecutors can be prevented from properly introduce evidence discovered during the time of the rights violation. In some cases, if the evidence is excluded, it is most likely that the charge(s) would be dismissed.

A person that is working with a lawyer in Annapolis, who has the knowledge and understanding of the admissibility of evidence, stands a much better chance of having their case resolved favorably.