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Role of an Annapolis Drug Lawyer

After being charged with a drug crime in Annapolis, an individual must act quickly to effectively protect themselves against the law. The main role of an Annapolis drug lawyer is to act as an advocate for their client, and assist in achieving a positive outcome on behalf of the individual they are representing.

If you are facing a drug charge in Annapolis, it is important that you contact an attorney immediately to help effectively minimize or dismiss any penalties you may be facing. A seasoned lawyer will be able to gather all necessary information to aid in achieving a positive outcome.

Benefits of an Attorney

People should recognize that drug possession charges are incredibly serious, and have the ability to severely penalize an accused individual. A person without legal training and knowledge of constitutional law, like the Fourth Amendment, is not going to understand these particular penalties. Further, people that are in possession of drugs should know that simply being found in possession of drugs does not mean that the prosecution has a winning case.
An individual should contact an attorney immediately after being charged in order to preserve all of their rights, and to ensure that an appropriate investigation is completed for establishing the best defenses throughout.

Danger of Self-Representation

The main role of an attorney is to provide solid legal defense on behalf of their client. The reason that people need to contact an attorney is because a person that does not have experience handling these kinds of cases and does not have a defense specialized in constitutional principles may not make appropriate arguments to suppress certain pieces of evidence. Additionally, the individual would be unprepared for the criminal case that has been brought against them.

Lessening Penalties

After a drug charge, an attorney may have a client enroll in a drug education program and get involved in community service, which may mitigate the circumstances. A judge might find that a person that has taken those steps has demonstrated to the court that they understood the seriousness of the offense, they learned from their mistakes, and they were willing to do everything that they could to make sure that it does not happen again.
A person should be prepared to provide the attorney with all charging documents associated with the case, and be prepared to discuss any potential defenses. An attorney can listen to a person’s version of events, which is usually different than a police officer’s version of events. Even if the version of events is essentially the same, an attorney can develop a strategy to be victorious or present the best defense possible in criminal court.

Avoiding Self-Incrimination

To avoid incriminating themselves, the accused individual should exercise their right to remain silent until their attorney otherwise advises them to speak. Secondly, they should follow the advice of their attorney and, most of the time, the advice is to take some steps to mitigate the circumstance like becoming enrolled in a drug education program, completing community service, and any other programs that might paint a better picture for the court of how seriously a person takes the criminal charges that they are facing.

Contacting a Lawyer

An individual should be sure to contact an attorney that has a vast array of experience in defending drug charges in Annapolis. It is important for any person accused of such a crime attain an attorney who knows the local courts, judges, and prosecutors to understand how to best defend a case.