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Annapolis Drug Trafficking Lawyer

Charges associated with trafficking drugs have to do with drug distribution charges that are taken more seriously by law enforcement, such as possession of drugs in a large amount or drug trafficking itself.

An experienced Annapolis drug trafficking lawyer can help guide and advise you as you face charges. Besides being the voice of experience, such an attorney will work to build the strongest possible defense in your case. Having legal representation can mean the difference between facing the maximum penalty and having the charges reduced or even dismissed.

Trafficking Investigations

Annapolis law enforcement cracks down on drug trafficking by getting as much detail as possible in order to uncover and apprehend the source. There are specific investigative units of the police department and the prosecutor’s office with the responsibility of identifying the individual players who are in possession of a small amount of controlled dangerous substances, and finding out who the larger players are in the distribution scheme.

Police and prosecutors in the area are cracking down by flipping lower-level people to turn over somebody at a higher level in exchange for deals, such as a dismissal of their charges

Unique Aspects

While drug trafficking cases are usually serious in nature and can carry very significant penalties; they can also be difficult for the prosecution to prove. The cases rely on witnesses the authorities flipped in exchange for their testimony.

Those witnesses could be deemed unreliable because they get something from the government. The government is essentially buying the testimony against another party.

The assumption should not be made that drug traffickers or people alleged to be drug traffickers are guilty. They have constitutional rights against unlawful search and seizure. They should, however, prepare for a defense more diligently than someone charged with less serious offenses, which is where an Annapolis drug trafficking lawyer becomes an invaluable asset.

Cases Involving Multiple Defendants

Drug trafficking cases almost always involve multiple defendants. Drug trafficking is a major criminal charge that usually involves distribution to multiple areas of a state as well as the country.

That enterprise cannot be maintained by one person. Therefore, it is logical that operations use resources to get their product out to varying locations. For that reason, there are almost always multiple co-defendants.

How An Annapolis Drug Trafficking Lawyer Can Help

Drug trafficking is no small charge. The prosecution and the courts take it very seriously. Therefore, it is extremely important to have someone equally motivated and qualified to represent your side of the case. An experienced Annapolis drug trafficking lawyer will be able to work with you as you build the strongest defense possible.

How to Find an Attorney

There are many different ways to search for an attorney. One of the best ways for someone facing drug charges in Annapolis to contact an experienced lawyer is the Internet. There are also many sites where a person can see an attorney’s ratings and what other clients have to say about them with relation to specific cases.

If you are or may be facing charges, you should talk with the attorney directly. Most criminal attorneys offer a free consultation and an opportunity to discuss their case to determine if the potential client is comfortable with the attorney and with what their strategy might be.