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Anne Arundel County Assault Lawyer

The state of Maryland takes assault extremely seriously, and often people end up in situations they could never imagine:  being forced to defend themselves against charges of assault. Caught up in a whirlwind of arrest, booking, posting bail, and anticipating a trial in court, someone in this position is in desperate need of legal help. An experienced Anne Arundel assault lawyer should be one of the first people you contact if you are facing charges of assault, or if someone close to you has been arrested.

Anne Arundel County, Maryland

There are few spots on the East Coast as beautiful as Anne Arundel County. The majestic Chesapeake Bay and the Patuxent River are just a few of the natural features that attract tourists each year. Businesspeople visiting Annapolis and government personnel taking a break from work in Washington, D.C. also enjoy the relaxing pace that the county offers. Things become very unpleasant, however, when someone calls the Maryland state police to report a disturbance. Whatever events, misunderstandings, or outright lies actually occur, someone can end up with an assault charge even though they don’t deserve it.

What Is Assault?

One of the reasons it is so important to speak with an Anne Arundel assault lawyer is the huge amount of confusion surrounding the charge itself. Many people assume that, because they did not actually touch the alleged victim, they will be acquitted of assault charges. This is a serious mistake. Under Maryland law a person can be convicted of assault without having laid a hand on another person.

The crime of assault is defined as touching another person in an offensive way, or placing them in “immediate fear” of such contact. Most people are familiar with the more blatant versions of assault, such as actually punching someone or touching them in a sexually explicit way. But here are some more subtle examples to illustrate just how dangerous an assault charge could be for you:

  • In an Annapolis bar, two men argue over the result of a dart game. One man raises a dart over his head, and the other assumes he intends to throw it at him. The first man may be charged with assault.
  • At an office Christmas party, an employee mistakes a coworker’s actions as flirting and attempts to touch her in an inappropriate way. In addition to great embarrassment, the employee could face charges of assault.
  • As a practical joke, some students at the University of Maryland tie up a roommate while he sleeps. If the roommate does not appreciate the humor, he could accuse the students of assault.

Many assault charges are the result of misunderstandings, pranks gone too far, or outright lies by alleged victims made up to get someone in trouble. It often takes the level-headed reason of an Anne Arundel assault lawyer to show that there is little or no evidence of criminal activity.

Charges Worth Fighting Against

Pleading guilty to assault charges in order to simply pay a fine and go home is a short-sighted mistake. Any assault lawyer in Anne Arundel County can tell you that the long-term consequences of a guilty plea are simply not worth it. Consider the reaction of new neighbors or a potential girlfriend when a search turns up an assault conviction on your criminal record. Employers, lenders, and colleges all tend to close doors when they see that you were found convicted of an assault..

No matter how confident you are that you will be found innocent by the court, you have little real information to go on until you tell your story to an Anne Arundel assault lawyer. You need testimony from witnesses, evidence in the form of photos and videos, and details of your treatment by police to build your defense. Instead of paying heavy monetary fines and possibly even spending time in jail, your attorney may be able to drastically reduce your charges or convince the prosecutor to drop the charges completely.

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