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Anne Arundel Reckless Driving Lawyer

Reckless or aggressive driving is a serious traffic offense that can result in severe penalties for the individual being charged. It can be critical to consult an Anne Arundel reckless driving lawyer before trial. A credible traffic attorney can help you fight the penalties you may be up against you.

What is the Reckless Operation of a Vehicle?

Aggressive driving consists of speeding, failing to signal while changing a lane, and cutting someone off. Speed can be charged as aggressive driving when it is compounded with two other offenses. A person committing three or more underlying offenses at the same exact time would lead to aggressive driving charges.

Common Reckless Driving Scenarios

A person has to be driving their car with a willful disregard for safety. An example would be if it is snowing. The speed limit for when conditions are not good on the road is 55, so a reasonable, prudent person would most likely slow down and go 30. If the person decides they do not want to go 30 and goes 75 that will be reckless driving.

An Anne Arundel reckless driving lawyer has seen people receive points and a $1,000 fine as a result of aggressive driving.  The person is still getting a citation and it will probably be bundled with a speeding ticket, but there is no difference. It is not a must-appear, so a person does not have to appear. It is like everything else.

How to Handle Reckless Driving Tickets

Unless the ticket says “must appear”, the person always has the option to pay the ticket in advance. They should expect to go to court. If the officer shows up, they will have to proceed with a trial or plead guilty with an explanation. If the officer does not appear, it will be dismissed.

Officers look for three underlying offenses occurring at the same exact time. Aggressive driving charges do not commonly come with a must-appear court mandate. The issuing officer would be the party offering up evidence on behalf of the state.

How is Aggressive Driving Treated in Anne Arundel?

It is a traffic infraction as it is not a jailable offense and the penalty is only a fine. The penalties are $1,000 fine and six points on their license.
Importance of Seeking Legal Advice for TrialThere is no prosecutor for a reckless driving case. It is a payable ticket. The prosecution is only there when it is a must-appear ticket. It is important because that attorney would be familiar with the way the system works, may be knowledgeable of who the officers are, and be in a better negotiation position with the officer.

An attorney could help someone try preventing points on someone’s license. Getting six points on a license can put someone in danger of suspension. As an Anne Arundel reckless driving lawyer knows, they may also face the mandatory MVA class or a driver improvement course. A lawyer could help you defend your rights when challenged with license-related consequences.