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Anne Arundel Drug Lawyer

Whether you are being accused of simple possession, possession with intent to sell, manufacture, or some other drug charge, you need an Anne Arundel drug lawyer right away. Any drug conviction, however minor, will cause you legal, professional, and social headaches for many years to come. These are in addition to the immediate fines, treatment requirements, and possible jail time that a judge could impose if you are found guilty. If you are innocent, or if the charges against you have been exaggerated, you should not have to pay criminal penalties. Allow a reliable defense attorney to protect you.

The Drug Problem in Maryland

Urban centers regularly face problems with drug trade, and the Washington, D.C. area is a perfect example. This fact, plus the international shipping industry based in Annapolis, means that police are constantly on the alert for illegal drugs making their way through Maryland. An Anne Arundel drugs attorney might be called on to defend someone with a misdemeanor marijuana possession charge or someone who is being accused of transporting thousands of dollars’ worth of cocaine for a gang. Whatever the charge, you will need your lawyer to build a strong defense and expose any unfair treatment that you may have experienced during your arrest.

Understanding Drug Charges

The penalties for drug charges in Maryland are some of the harshest that you will find. For example, if convicted of possession of any drug other than marijuana, you face the possibility of spending the next four years of your life behind bars. Possession of items used to take drugs also carries a potential four-year sentence—even if there are no drugs present at all.

If police suspect you of selling, distributing, or even intending to sell/distribute drugs, the penalties increase dramatically. Pleading guilty should simply not be an option you consider, and getting help from an inexperienced lawyer could be just as dangerous. A good Anne Arundel drugs attorney knows just how complicated the state’s drug laws can be, and also what the best defense strategy will be in your case.

Even if you are completely innocent of the charges against you, understand that the court will only see the information that the prosecutor and your defense lawyer present to them. A skilled prosecutor can use evidence and testimony against you in a way that makes you look guilty, so you need an attorney on your side that can respond to this appropriately.

Benefit of a Drug Attorney

Some people who are arrested on drug charges, of course, were clearly in violation of the law at the time of their arrest. A driver might be found with drugs in his pocket or in the glove box of his car, for example. This driver needs a good attorney more than ever, for several reasons:

  • The state may charge the driver with intent to sell if there is an unusual amount of drugs present.
  • Your attorney might be able to prove that police did not have sufficient evidence to stop your vehicle in the first place, invalidating search and subsequent arrest.
  • Police officers may neglect the driver’s Constitutional rights if they feel he is already proven guilty.
  • A drugs lawyer in Anne Arundel County can negotiate for a lighter sentence even after conviction, convincing the judge to grant probation and community service instead of prison time.

Every citizen in the United States is promised certain rights under the law, even when being arrested and tried for drug crimes. Police in Anne Arundel and throughout Maryland, in an attempt to fight the use and trade of drugs in the state, don’t always observe these rights, and it takes the work of a drug defense attorney to expose this failure. No matter how the charges against you originated, you need a partner on your side to protect your rights and make sure the truth about your actions is known.

Call an Anne Arundel Drug Attorney Today

Don’t waste time if you or a family member has been charged with a drug offense. Time is not on your side, and your attorney needs time to build your defense effectively. The right lawyer might make the difference between years in prison and a very light sentence—or he may be able to get the prosecutor to drop the charges against you completely. Call an Anne Arundel drug lawyer immediately.