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Baltimore County Courthouses

The Baltimore County Courts Building houses the Baltimore County Orphans’ Court and the Baltimore County Circuit Court. Cases the circuit court hears include death penalty cases, major civil cases, juvenile and family law cases, and criminal cases. Walking into a courthouse for the first time can be daunting, especially when defendants do not know what to expect. Feelings of nervousness are common, but defendants should not allow these feelings to get the better of them. For information on how a lawyer can help represent you if you are charged with a sex crime in Baltimore County, click here.

Courthouse Etiquette

Baltimore County Towson CourthouseWhen appearing in court, it is extremely important that defendants make a good impression, and this requires more than dressing professionally. When defendants arrive early, it shows the court staff that they take their case seriously. Furthermore, it allows time for defendants to calm their nerves and relax for a while before the trial, so that they have a better chance at appearing composed rather than flustered.
Defendants should wear proper courtroom attire, selecting the most professional outfit they have; a suit and tie are preferable in the courtroom, but a clean, collared shirt and jeans will suffice. Shirts with writing or images on them should be avoided. Proper shoes for the courtroom include dress shoes or nice boots, but in the absence of these, a pair of clean tennis shoes will work. Defendants should keep in mind that in the courtroom, the judge represents the law, so respecting the judge is akin to respecting the law. There are numerous ways defendants can show respect to judges, and it all begins with addressing the judge correctly. Judges should be addressed as either Your Honor or a combination of their title and last name, Judge Smith. Defendants should listen to the judge carefully at all times.
Above all, defendants should not lose their temper with the judge; this can result in the defendant being found in contempt of court, and it will not help his case. Though cell phones are allowed in the Baltimore County courthouse, they must pass security. Furthermore, possession and use of cell phones may be limited to designated areas.
The courthouse is open from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday, except during legal holidays. For general information, residents should call 410-887-2139. To contact the clerk of the court for Baltimore County, residents should call 410-887-2601.

Address and Directions

The Baltimore County Courts Building is located at 401 Bosley Avenue, Towson, MD 21204. From 695, the Baltimore Beltway, take Exit 26 South, York Road. Remain on York Road South for four-tenths of a mile and turn right on Bosley Avenue. Go through five traffic lights to the Courts Building; it will be on the left at the corner of Bosley and Chesapeake Avenues. For parking, turn left on Chesapeake Avenue and drive around the block; there are two parking garages located on the right of Chesapeake Avenue. Though defendants are not required to have a lawyer present with them, it is advisable that they seek legal representation to help with a criminal charge. Baltimore County criminal defense lawyers have a more comprehensive understanding of the local judicial system and are well-equipped to make a strong case in the defendant’s favor.  If you have any questions about the court process or you have been accused of a crime in Baltimore County, call our office today for a free case consultation.