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Maryland Fake ID Lawyer

Being convicted of driving under the influence (DUI) or driving while impaired (DWI) can have severe long-term effects on someone’s life.  This is especially true in cases where someone uses a fake ID to engage in or encourage underage drinking. In the state of Maryland, it is illegal for anyone under the age of 21 to drink alcohol. This means that anyone under the legal age who purchases or consumes alcohol is breaking the law, as is anyone who uses false identification to acquire said alcohol.

In the state of Maryland, being charged with DUI, DWI, or using a fake ID is a serious matter and if you are a minor who has been arrested for such an offense, it can impact many aspects of your future, including your education, career options, and finances. A well-informed Maryland fake ID lawyer could help create a strong defense should you or someone you know be charged with an underage drinking-related offense. Call a criminal defense attorney in Maryland today to find out more about your options and the strength of your case.

Underage Drinking in Maryland

For high school students and college students in particular, drinking underage is a common temptation. In college especially, minors struggling to manage the new responsibilities in their academic life along with adapting to a new lifestyle, possibly away from home, may be pressured to drink alcohol with their peers. As alcohol becomes more readily available, more minors are likely to encounter situations involving underage drinking. Although they might think that underage drinking is an acceptable part of the college culture, drinking alcohol under the age of 21 remains a crime and is punishable in a court of law. Most schools even have policies against underage drinking, and students who are caught committing such offenses risk suspension or even expulsion.

Maryland Fake ID Offenses

Selling or obtaining false identification is classified as a misdemeanor and is punishable by a $2,000 fine or up to two years in prison. Please click here (pdf) to view the offense table from the Code of Maryland Regulations outlining such offenses. As common as it is for underage students to attempt to purchase alcohol with false identification, if caught they can be brought up on serious charges. With a Maryland criminal defense team fighting for you, you may have a better chance of protecting your reputation and your future.

Penalties for Fake ID Crimes

As stated, punishment for misrepresenting one’s age in Maryland, by using a fake ID for example, can include a hefty fine as well as possible jail time. If caught trying to use false identification, those convicted may also have their driver’s license revoked for six months on a first offense or up to a year on a second offense. As far as long terms effects, aside from the legal ramifications of being charged with a fake ID offense, these types of crimes may also have negative health impacts.

According to this study performed by the University of Maryland School of Public Health, young adults in college who use false identification to purchase alcohol are more likely to participate in heavy-drinking activities and therefore develop alcohol abuse disorders. Fines, jail time, and possibly losing one’s driver’s license, as well as the possible health concerns related to underage drinking, should hopefully deter minors from committing such crimes. However, fake ID offenses are still common and a Maryland criminal defense lawyer will be able to help lessen the negative impacts of being convicted.

Contact a Maryland Fake ID Lawyer

If you or someone you know has been charged with underage drinking in Maryland, an experienced criminal defense attorney can help. A lawyer with experience defending minors in DUI/DWI-related cases will know how to navigate the Maryland court system and negotiate a more favorable outcome for your case. Our Maryland criminal defense lawyers have extensive experience handling cases that involve underage drinking or use of a fake ID.