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Baltimore County Drug Lawyer

With the ongoing enforced regulations against drugs in Baltimore County, drug lawyer services continue to be in high demand. Arrests for drug possession even in trace amounts fill detention centers and break up families all over Baltimore County. A Baltimore County drug lawyer is often the only hope for many who are caught holding drugs with or without intention. As the issue of drug possession continues to be a controversy in the courts, the consequences of an arrest under the current laws continue to bring severe ramifications on those arrested and detained.

Baltimore County Conditions

With the beautiful city of Baltimore at the heart of Baltimore County and the appeal of waterside living that draws business and tourism of all sorts, Baltimore County provides the perfect bucolic setting for homeowners. However, as any Baltimore County drugs attorney understands, competition, disappointment, or simply falling into the wrong company within this county can end up with unexpected results.
With the increasing national pressure to legalize the use of some drugs now considered to be illegal, especially marijuana, the state of Maryland has begun to acknowledge medicinal benefits and specific legalization options. With the outstanding diversity within Baltimore County, building into the rich history of America already found here, drug arrests often threaten targeted groups and classes.

Drug Arrests

As arrest records verify, drugs in Baltimore County continue to be an issue that law enforcement officials are targeting, an issue that extends from the richest to the poorest. As resources are funneled into the “drug war” that continues across America, drug arrests remain among the most common. Possession of any currently deemed illegal drugs—including marijuana, cocaine, heroin, and amphetamines—or residual possession of these drugs can land anyone in a detention center with no questions asked.

Drug arrests in this area outnumber arrests for any other type of criminal activity. A Baltimore County drugs attorney and most of the citizens of recognize the complexity of factors involved in any drug possession case. Despite how simple and convicting initial evidence may seem, multiple factors may be involved.

Consequences of Drug Arrests in Baltimore County

Those arrested for drug-related issues face immediate ramifications even before reaching court. Fines and detention until delayed court dates often mean financial devastation for those arrested and their families. Since the laws in Baltimore County remain stringent and  law enforcement continues to target this issue, possession or trace residue in any context or circumstance can bring immediate action against the possessor. Repeated drugs arrests bring even heavier fines and greater consequences. Once a person has been convicted of a drug crime, the criminal record haunts any future goals, plans, or aspirations. Sentences for drug crimes for first-time offenders can be up to three years long, while incarceration for repeat offenders can extend to twelve years.

Specific Considerations in Drug Cases

A Baltimore County drug attorney is well aware of the laws that cover production of drugs, distribution, and possession. With drug crimes divided into categories known as schedules, suspects will be evaluated and examined based on considerations that place them within one of the five schedules for drugs crimes ranging from a low dependency potential of Schedule V to a high dependency potential of Schedule I. Schedule I crimes carry the heaviest consequences.

Once a drug arrest case is brought to court, the charges will be decided based on the purpose of the possession and the quantity of the drugs within the possession as well as their schedule. Even though residual possession can be enough for a conviction, the most serious punishments are related to producing, manufacturing, and selling drugs.

Hire a Baltimore County Drug Attorney

When facing charges, contacting a Baltimore County drug lawyer immediately allows anyone arrested for drug possession to accurately analyze the potential charges. Professional defense and representation also allows for speedier court dates, with all the significant information gathered and ready. Since the most serious charges of distribution can be based on the mere quantity of drugs within the possession of a person at the time of arrest, a skilled attorney’s advice can make a significant difference.