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DUI Classes in Baltimore

There are numerous providers, public programs through the county health department, and private alcohol treatment providers in Baltimore. Oftentimes, a Baltimore DUI lawyer can help you find the proper class in order to help your Baltimore DUI defense case.

Facilitation of Baltimore DUI Programs

There are city and private groups that run DUI education programs in Baltimore. Baltimore County has the county health department which puts on the program. There are numerous private groups that have programs as well. People who speak other languages can usually find alcohol classes in their native language if it is a common language in this area. There are also a large number of paid alcohol treatment programs that are run by private institutions.

DUI Group Therapy Activities in Baltimore

Perhaps the most valuable group therapy activity for individuals with a first offense Baltimore DUI is when they calculate how much their drinks actually cost,  factoring in the cost of a DUI. People discover they are spending thousands of dollars on the cost of a DUI, which means that every individual drink they had that evening costs them several hundred dollars. This is a particularly constructive exercise to do in a group therapy alcohol education.

Generally, the group discusses the effects of alcohol and its effect on decision making. They discuss the legal process, alternatives to being in this situation, and ways they could have gone out drinking without getting a DUI. All of these are different types of activities that are discussed in a group therapy session.

Traffic School Versus DUI Classes

Traffic school is not the same thing as a DUI education program. Traffic school after a DUI in Baltimore is not particularly valuable. Judges are more concerned with the individual’s consumption of alcohol rather than their driving behavior in the context of a DUI. That means an individual should address the concerns raised by consumption of alcohol by taking an alcohol education course rather than concerns about bad driving. Ultimately for a Baltimore DUI, the alcohol is considered much more significant than the bad driving in 99 percent of cases.

DUI Schools in Baltimore

Initially, prior to trial, is when people should take their alcohol classes. The Baltimore DUI programs are not mandatory and no one is going to force someone to do it before they go to trial. However, if they are found guilty and sentenced for DUI, almost every single judge in Baltimore is going to order that the person completes some type of alcohol education class or treatment.

The smart way to handle that is to have the classes completed prior to going to trial. While it is not mandatory and the judge will not order the person to do it prior to the trial, it is a smart idea to have the classes done beforehand. It is highly encouraged that you enroll and complete an alcohol treatment program prior to your court date.

DUI Education Materials

There are a wide variety of these materials, including handouts, videos, individual counseling, and group counseling. The materials used depend on the nature of the treatment. An individual who is in a 28-day in-patient program is going to receive different and substantially more material than an individual who is taking a 12-hour basic alcohol education program.

Online DUI Courses

Online courses do exist for DUI education, however, they are not recommended. Most judges in Baltimore believe that an online course is not sufficient and not equivalent to an in-person alcohol education course with required attendance. A Baltimore DUI attorney would likely recommend that a person does not take an online alcohol education course, but instead, goes to an in-person, paid alcohol education course.