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How Baltimore DUI Charges Affect Employment

Although the impact of a DUI arrest and DUI conviction in Maryland differs, DUI allegations can do a great deal of harm to somebody’s career and personal relationships. Because there are so many factors that can result in DUI allegations, it is imperative to find a Baltimore DUI lawyer who knows the system and has handled these cases in the past. Having an experienced attorney who has worked with these issues before can help somebody charged with a DUI to build the best possible defense and minimize the negative implications that those charges may have on their life.

DUI Arrest vs. DUI Conviction in Baltimore

Generally speaking, for most employers in Baltimore, a DUI arrest or charge has no impact. The only exception to that is for people who drive for a living where an arrest may be sufficient to cause termination. On the other hand, having a DUI conviction can have an effect on employment. It can cause people to be denied promotional opportunities. It can cause people to be denied jobs. Having a DUI conviction can have a significant impact.

Employer Background Checks

Whether or not an employer will run a background check varies from employer to employer. Some employers are very proactive and run regular background checks, not just on new employees but also on current employees. Other employers are very lackadaisical. They never run background checks at all. That is something that differs on a case by case basis based on the nature of the employer.

Because it is becoming easier to conduct background checks online with recent technological advancements, more and more employers are conducting background checks on potential future employees which exacerbates the problem of finding work for somebody convicted of a DUI. This is another reason why it is so vital to have an experienced and dedicated Baltimore DUI attorney to help mitigate any DUI allegations.

Impact of a DUI Conviction on a Job Search

Very few employers in Baltimore want to hire somebody who was convicted of a DUI. Whether it results in a person losing the opportunity for that job depends on different factors. What type of job is it? What are the employers hiring criteria? Are there other qualified candidates? But generally speaking, a Baltimore DUI conviction is never going to have a positive impact on one’s employability.

A person may not be given a chance to explain their DUI records in a new hiring type situation. When an employer is reviewing resumes with no criminal convictions and finds one having a DUI, they may take the one with a conviction and add it to the stack of people who are not getting the job. The person won’t get an interview and will have no opportunity to explain the situation.

In cases where a person is already employed, a DUI conviction may get them in trouble, particularly in a driving job. For any job that requires a person to drive a vehicle, the DUI is going to be an issue for them. They will have to explain it even if it doesn’t result outright in termination.