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DUI Victim Impact Panel Programs in Baltimore

DUIs can have devastating consequences. Not only can a DUI charge in Baltimore destroy the life of the individual responsible, but it can also result in fatally cataclysmic accidents. Understanding the consequences of drunk driving through awareness campaigns has been the forefront of the Mothers Against Drunk Driving organization for over 35 years. Since the founding of Mothers Against Drunk Driving, drunk driving incidents have been cut in half.

One of the methods utilized in Baltimore in creating public awareness by the Mothers Against Drunk Driving is the Victim Impact Panel Program. The program is intended to allow relevant individuals to share their stories in how drunk driving has affected their lives. If you or a loved one has been charged with a DUI, you will need proper representation for your case. A Baltimore DUI lawyer can help you build a defense for your case, as well as help you to get involved with programs to better your community.

Baltimore Victim Impact Panels

In Baltimore, a Victim Impact Panel is a program run by Mothers Against Drunk Driving where they have people whose lives have been affected by drunk driving. They are either victims of accidents or family members of people who died in drunk driving accidents. They might be people convicted of DUIs who speak about the impact that drunk driving has on their lives.

Most jurisdictions, Baltimore included, require attendance at a Victim Impact Panel when a person is convicted of DUI. Those are typically held once a month. Everyone who was convicted of a DUI in that county, in that month, is required to attend. The meeting lasts for approximately two hours. Individuals are not required to speak at these meetings rather they are required to be present and  listen to the stories of the panelist.

Victim Impact Panel Operations

Victim Impact Panels exist in most jurisdictions in Maryland. Some judges don’t order attendance at a Victim Impact Panel but they are available in every jurisdiction in Maryland. In terms of the roles they play in DUI cases, it is something that the court orders a person to attend when they are found guilty and sentenced for a DUI.

Victim Impact Panels in Baltimore are exactly the same as in any of the other jurisdictions. It is a two hour meeting put on by the Mothers Against Drunk Driving. Attendance is usually mandated after a finding of guilt in a DUI case even if the court imposes probation before judgment. It is something that is done after the court hearing. It is not something that needs to be done prior to court like alcohol classes. A Baltimore DUI lawyer can help you to better understand the implications of attending a Victim Impact Panel in regards to your case.

Schedule for Victim Impact Panels in Baltimore

The Victim Impact Panel programs are always on weekdays. Different counties in Maryland run their programs on different days but they are on weekdays and they almost always start at 7 pm. Usually, people do not have to take time off from work to attend the Victim Impact Panel.