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Possession with Intent to Distribute

Not guilty verdict on possession with intent to distribute cocaine charge where arresting officer was turned into defense witness.

Obstruction of Justice

Obtained not guilty verdict in obstruction of justice case in which co-defendant’s former counsel was a fact witness.

Felony Theft

On the day of trial, the documents the state attempted to introduce were not properly certified and my client’s charges were dismissed for insufficient evidence.

Drug Distribution

After recommending client enroll in a drug education program and begin performing community service, the prosecutor and judge were so impressed with him, his charges were reduced to a misdemeanor and he was granted Probation Before Judgement.

Felony Domestic Violence

After months of investigation, my team was able to verify inconsistencies in the complainant’s story and behavior that ultimately convinced a senior prosecutor to dismiss all charges against my client.

DUI (Driving Under the Influence)

Determined there was an error in the breathalyzer results and chain of custody that allowed for successful negotiations, a dismissal of all criminal charges for my client.

Violation of Felony Probation Dismissed

After extensive discussions with prosecuting attorney and probation agent, was able to convince them that they had no evidence that client, had violated her probation by having contact with children

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