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Cecil County Courthouses

The Courthouse in Cecil County is located at 129 E. Main Street in Elkton, Maryland. The courthouse is open Monday through Friday from 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM, and any questions or information can be directed to 410-996-1021.


Drivers traveling to the courthouse from the north should take Route 2013 South towards Elkton and then Route 213 to Main Street. Once they get to Main Street, they should take a left onto East Main Street and go for two and a half blocks; the courthouse will be on the left. Drivers traveling from the south and Eastern Shore should take Route 213 North towards Elkton. After crossing US Route 40, Route 213 becomes Bridge Street. Drivers should continue on Bridge Street until the second traffic light where they will find East Main Street on the right. After taking a right on East Main Street, drivers should continue for two and a half blocks; the courthouse will be on the left. Drivers traveling from the east can take I-95 South until they come across Exit #109, which goes to Elkton and Newark Road on MD 279. Drivers should take MD 279 South for two traffic lights. They will then make a left onto North Street. They should then continue for two more traffic lights and take a left on High Street. Drivers can then turn right to park in the parking lot of the courthouse that comes right after passing Columbia Bank. Drivers traveling to the courthouse from the west can take I-95 North until they reach Exit 109A, which is MD 279 South. They should then take a left at the second traffic light, which is North Street. They should drive for two more travel lights and take another left at High Street. The courthouse is on the right hand side, right after Columbia Bank.

Inside the Courthouse

Once individuals have made it to the Cecil County Courthouse, it is important to abide by the rules of the courthouse. Everyone must pass through a metal detector and x-ray machine before entering the building. All of their pockets must be emptied, and items must be placed in a plastic container. Purses, bags, coats and briefcases must go through the x-ray machine. Weapons, firearms, explosives, items that cut, chemical sprays, alcohol, drugs and illegal substances are not allowed in the courthouse. Food and drinks are not permitted in the courtroom. Everyone in the courtroom must be wearing proper clothing, which means that shorts, tank tops and beach clothing are frowned upon. All briefcases and baggage must have name tags for people to easily identify their belongings. According to Rule 16-110 pertaining to electronic devices, all attendees in the courtroom are not allowed to take pictures, record videos or transmit messages. Cell phones and similar devices should be turned off, unless the judge explicitly allows them to be used. If these rules are not followed, then the individual who has used these devices inappropriately may be found in contempt of court.

The Importance of an Attorney

Every criminal charge is different, but one aspect that nearly all of them share is that an attorney can make or break a charge for a client. Criminal proceedings are a serious matter and should be handled by a lawyer well familiar with that area of the law. An attorney will help defendants deal with the often-frightening prospect of a criminal court appearance, will advise them on when they should exercise all of their constitutional rights (such as the right to remain silent), and will provide the legal support they need to get through their case with as convenient an outcome as can be arranged.  If you have been accused of a crime in Cecil County, our Maryland criminal defense lawyers are ready to provide you with a free case consultation to help you learn more about the court system and your charges.  Call us today, or learn more about the services we provide.

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