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Cecil County Drug Lawyer

A Cecil County drug lawyer provides representation to all defendants accused of drug crimes. Whether you have been charged with misdemeanor possession or are facing felony charges for manufacture or trafficking, you need to fight aggressively to protect your future. An attorney in Cecil County representing drug defendants can help.

Drug Crimes in Cecil County

Maryland defines a huge number of different substances as controlled substances. There are different schedules or categories of controlled substance, with drugs organized into those categories based on their level of addictiveness and any potential medicinal value. Even prescription drugs are considered controlled substance and possession or distribution can be illegal unless the laws for possession are followed to the letter of the law.

The category of the controlled substance and the amount of the drug a defendant has under his or her control is going to determine charges faced when a defendant is accused of a drug crime. Having a small amount of a controlled substance, or having drug paraphernalia, will usually lead to misdemeanor possession charges. Unfortunately, having larger amounts of substances can result in felony charges for intent to sell even if there is no actual proof money was collected or a drug ever changed hands.
Maryland Code Section 5-401 establishes the general rules for drug crimes offenses, and the specific categories and types of crimes are outlined in Code Sections 5-402 to Code Sections 5-620. An attorney can explain the specifics of the charges you face, the possible penalties associated with each charge, and any defenses you can raise to try to avoid being found guilty.

Prosecution of Drug Crimes

Anyone who has been questioned in connection with a drug crime, accused of a drug offense, or arrested on drug charges needs to get legal representation. Drug crimes are often aggressively prosecuted, and anyone with even minor involvement in an alleged drug crime ring could potentially be charged with all offenses committed by co-conspirators. Even defendants charged with misdemeanors could be jailed and left with criminal records.

Defendants often have options to avoid conviction, ranging from motioning to suppress evidence collected illegally to providing evidence in exchange for immunity to introducing reasonable doubt in trial. A Cecil County drug attorney assists all defendants accused of violating controlled substances laws so they can find the best legal strategy to deal with their particular situation.
The sooner your attorney becomes involved, the sooner you can make informed choices about how to investigate charges, undermine prosecutorial evidence, negotiate deals, and respond to accusations against you. Don’t hesitate to reach out for legal help as soon as you are accused.

Call a Cecil County Drug Attorney for Help

A Cecil County drug lawyer will be with you as you respond to accusations being made against you.  A conviction for a drug crime can show up on background checks and affect employability even if you avoid jail time, so never assume any charges are minor ones that won’t affect your future. Contact an attorney as soon as possible following an arrest so you can explore your options and respond strategically to charges.

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