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Cecil County DUI Lawyer

Cecil County, Maryland is bordered by Pennsylvania to the north and Delaware to the east. This can make matters problematic for drivers arrested for alcohol-related driving infractions, many of whom may not live in Maryland. But a Maryland DUI attorney familiar with the area and the criminal justice process can help. Our attorneys have handled hundreds of DUI cases, and they understand the many details that affect the outcome of a case. With the assistance of a well-practiced DUI lawyer in Cecil County you can improve your chances of finding a favorable outcome for your case.
If you’re charged with driving under the influence (DUI), two sets of penalties typically apply. First, you will face criminal penalties, the severity of which will be determined by your blood alcohol level, your age, whether or not you were driving a commercial vehicle, and the existence of any prior DUI convictions. You’ll also face the revocation of your license by the state Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA) or equivalent.
DUI attorney in Cecil County
Many out-of-state drivers apprehended in Maryland for DUIs assume they will not face the revocation of their license since they do not hold a Maryland driver’s license. This, however, is not the case. If you’re charged with a DUI or a DWI, you have exactly 10 days in which to contact the Maryland MVA to avoid a suspension of your license.
If you’re arrested for a DUI in Cecil County, you need a qualified Cecil County attorney who is experienced in DUI defense because he or she understands the administrative differences between the state in which you were arrested and the state in which you are licensed and knows how to maximize the chances that you will be able to retain your driving privileges.
If you’re a Maryland resident pulled over in Cecil County, you need local representation because a Cecil County attorney is familiar with the judges and district attorneys you’re likely to be facing and will be in the best position to craft a strategy that will achieve the most favorable resolution of your case.

DUI versus DWI

In Maryland, two types of charges can be brought against you if you’re apprehended on alcohol-related driving charges. If your blood alcohol level is 0.08 percent or higher, you will be charged with DUI. Depending upon your weight, a 0.08 percent BAC can result from as little as one or two drinks. Bad driving is not a factor here since Maryland law only considers three things:
• Was the driver driving the vehicle?
• Did the driver consent to have his or her blood alcohol concentration (BAC) measured?
• Was the BAC more than 0.08 percent?
This means you can be arrested for a DUI even if you’re driving perfectly and are pulled over for a broken taillight. It’s worth noting, too, that if you’re driving a motor vehicle, your consent to a chemical test that will determine the alcohol content of your blood is implied according to Maryland state law.
If your blood alcohol level is 0.06 percent or 0.07 percent, you can be charged with the lesser offense of driving while impaired by alcohol though a 0.06 percent BAC imposes a burden of proof on the state to show that you were driving erratically.
Both DUIs and DWIs carry serious penalties, particularly for second or third offenses. These penalties can include jail time, stiff fines, the addition of points to your driving record, mandatory alcohol treatment programs, higher auto insurance rates and the mandatory installation of an ignition interlock device on your vehicle.
There are other ripple effects as well since most prospective employers now do background checks that will almost certainly turn up a DUI conviction. In a competitive job market, this will count against you. If you practice a profession that requires the regular renewal of a state-issued license, a DUI or a DWI will also prove disruptive.

An Experienced Cecil County DUI Attorney Can Help

A DUI is a very serious charge, and it’s wisest under these circumstances to work with a lawyer who will put your best interests first. An experienced Cecil County DUI attorney can help you achieve the best possible resolution to the legal difficulties you face.
If the arresting officers did not follow the proper legal process, for example, a skilled Cecil County DUI lawyer will be able to identify these lapses and use them to your advantage. A Cecil County attorney may also be able to help you get the charges against you reduced. For first time offenders or drivers whose previous DUI offenses are 10 or more years in the past, an experienced DUI attorney may be able to negotiate probation before judgment that will ultimately leave you with a clean driving record.
If you or a loved one is facing DUI charges in Cecil County, Maryland, it’s critically important to call a Cecil County criminal attorney, who’s experienced in this area of practice, as soon as possible.

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