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Dorchester Sex Crimes Lawyer

Sex crimes charges in Dorchester can lead to required registration as a sex offender, as well as jail time. A Dorchester sex crimes lawyer can help you try to avoid these life-changing consequences.  Most sex crimes in Maryland are considered serious criminal offenses which is why you need a Maryland criminal defense attorney representing you.

Why Work With a Dorchester Sex Crimes Attorney?

The defenses available to you if you’ve been charged with a sex crime vary based on the type of offense you’re accused of committing. Some possible defenses include:

  • Consent to the sexual behavior
  • False accusations
  • Insufficient evidence
  • No proof of intent
  • Mistaken identity

Sex crimes accusations are often he said/she said scenarios where it is difficult for a court to determine what really happened.  Defendants accused of sex crimes don’t have to prove their version of events is true and don’t have to show innocence to avoid conviction. A Dorchester sex crimes lawyer will help you try to make the court doubt the prosecutor’s case. If you successfully introduce reasonable doubt, this is enough for a not guilty verdict.

Sex Crimes Laws in Dorchester

There are many different kinds of sex offenses in Maryland.  Many of the offenses relate to sexual acts with people who do not give consent, or who cannot give consent.  These types of offenses include first degree rape (Maryland Code Section 3-303); second degree rape (Code Section 3-304); and sexual offenses in the first, second, third, and fourth degrees (Code Sections 3-305 – 3-308). Minors cannot give consent to sexual acts; however, criminal charges will be filed only if the minor is under 14, or if the minor is four or more years younger than the defendant.

While sex acts involving non-consensual activities generally result in the most serious penalties, other sex offenses that could lead to harsh sentences include child pornography offenses, incest, or sex acts with animals. Defendants may be charged for any connection with child pornography, including producing material, soliciting pornographic material, or purchasing this material.

Penalties for Sex Crimes in Dorchester

Penalties vary significantly for sex offenses in Dorchester. The most serious possible penalty is life in prison for first degree rape under Code Section 3-303.  Defendants may also face lengthy jail terms and mandated registration as a sex offender. Registry means reporting where you live, providing police with information and a picture, and your name potentially being made public as a convicted offender.

How a Dorchester Sex Crimes Lawyer Can Help

A Dorchester sex crimes lawyer can represent defendants accused of sex crimes. An attorney can help to craft a defense strategy that will hopefully allow you to avoid conviction. If evidence is weak, an attorney may be able to get a case dismissed or charges dropped before the prosecutor actually proceeds to a criminal trial.

If a case goes to court, an attorney will help introduce doubt and raise defenses. If you are not certain about taking your chances at trial, your attorney can try to negotiate a plea agreement that allows you to avoid registration or minimizes penalties.

Don’t hesitate to get the help you need, as sex crimes charges are too serious to face on your own. Call a Dorchester sex crimes lawyer today for guidance, advice, and dedicated legal advocacy.