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Maryland Sex Trafficking Lawyer

We have likely all heard the phrase “sex sells,” but the actual act of selling sex in any form or circumstances can cost you more than money. Crimes related to the selling of any type of sexual acts could result in a felony charge and possible conviction. It is important to know specifically what could result from such a charge and what rights you have in defending against the charge. Contact a Maryland sex trafficking lawyer if you have any questions, are charged with, or are anticipating being charged with sex trafficking. In Maryland, prostitution and related crimes fall under Section 11 of the state criminal codes, the section that deals with Indecency and Obscenity. The crime of sex trafficking falls under the section for human trafficking, described in section 11-303. However, depending upon the circumstances, other related sections could be brought to bear and add to the charges upon the arrest of a suspected offender. For this reason, it is important to contact a sex crimes attorney as soon as possible.

§ 11-303. Human trafficking

This section details the general prohibition of taking another person somewhere for the intent of entering that person into prostitution by use of force, persuasion, enticements or threats. In order to be charged under this section of the Maryland criminal codes, the victim does not have to necessarily be an immigrant nor from outside of the state. He or she simply has to be taken to a place where he or she will then be expected to perform as a prostitute for the benefit of the one doing the transporting. In addition, helping someone else participate in the crime of human trafficking carries the same penalties as actually committing the crime. When arrested for human trafficking, the resulting charge is a misdemeanor with a possible penalty, if convicted, of no more than 10 years imprisonment and/or a fine of no more than $5,000. However, if the victim is a minor at the time of the crime, the charge becomes a felony and the possible penalty increases to no more than 25 years in prison and/or no more than a $15,000 fine. In addition, any person arrested for the crime of human trafficking may be charged, tried and convicted within any county in Maryland through which the victim was transported or in which an attempt to transport was made.

§ 11-304. Receiving earnings of prostitution

Following the crime of human trafficking, if a person then makes a profit from the earnings of a person performing acts of prostitution, he or she could be charged under this section. The crime would be classified as a misdemeanor with a similar potential penalty of up to 10 years in prison and/or a fine of up to $10,000.

§ 11-305. Abduction of child under 16

If the act of taking and placing someone in a position of prostitution involves removing a minor of under 16 years of age from his or her home, parent, or guardian, this charge could also apply. In addition, whether the intent was to place the minor child into prostitution or simply to perform another type of sexual offense as detailed under title 3, subtitle 3 of the Maryland criminal codes, this charge would still apply. Title 3 and subtitle 3 describe the crimes of rape and sexual offenses of varying degrees. Under title 3, describing other crimes against the person, and subtitle 3, which specifies crimes of a sexual nature, the seriousness of the charges and penalties could very quickly increase in nature, with the harshest penalty for sexual offenses in the first degree, described under section 3-305, possibly reaching life in prison without the possibility of parole. In addition, most of the sexual offense charges listed under title three are felony charges and could result in the accused being labeled as a sex offender if convicted.

Work With a Maryland Sex Trafficking Attorney

As you can see, being charged with human trafficking for an alleged act of sex trafficking can quickly balloon into several charges being levied, depending upon the circumstances. If you find yourself charged with any of these related charges, your best option for defending your rights is to retain a defense attorney who is experienced in dealing with cases such as yours and who has a solid record of formulating winning defenses. In addition, sex trafficking can be a federal sex crime. Call today for a free consultation with a Maryland sex trafficking lawyer to start assessing your options.