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Frederick County Aggressive Driving Lawyer

A person can be charged with aggressive driving in Frederick County if they commit three or more enumerated violations simultaneously or anytime throughout a continuous period while operating a vehicle. These violations include exceeding the maximum speed limit, passing a vehicle on the right, failing to yield right of way, following a vehicle too closely, violating traffic lights and signs, and overtaking a vehicle unsafely.

It is important to note that Maryland is one of only a few states that have passed laws that specifically define aggressive driving and outline the violations that can lead to an aggressive driving citation. If you have been charged with such a crime, it is imperative that you contact an experienced Frederick County aggressive driving lawyer immediately to begin mounting a defense to help lessen or dismiss any penalties.

Severity of Offense

An aggressive driving citation in Frederick County is a traffic infraction. This means that the individual to whom the citation is issued is able to pay the fine amount listed on the citation and is not required to appear in court. An individual who has been issued a citation for aggressive driving may also request a waiver hearing to contest that citation.
However, such an individual must either pay the fine associated with the citation or request a hearing within 30 days of the issuance of the citation. The penalties for an aggressive driving citation include a fine of $370 and five points on the individual’s driver’s record.

Challenging the Citation

Prosecutors do not handle aggressive driving cases in Frederick County. An aggressive driving citation is not a must appear citation and, as such, jail is not a potential penalty of such a citation. Instead, these citations are handled by the issuing officers.
If the individual to whom the citation was issued requests a hearing to contest the citation, the officer who issued the citation will present testimony and evidence in order to prove that the individual committed the enumerated violations. That individual, or their Frederick County aggressive driving attorney on their behalf, will then have the opportunity to ask the officer questions and present testimony and evidence in support of their defense.

Benefits of an Attorney

An aggressive driving lawyer in Frederick County can be incredibly helpful to a person who wishes to contest an aggressive driving citation. They are able to request a hearing and appear at the hearing on the individual’s behalf, and can cross-examine the officer and present arguments in the individual’s defense.
Such representation may lead to the dismissal of the citation or a reduction of the points assessed to the individual’s driver’s record. In this way, a knowledgeable Frederick County aggressive driving lawyer can limit the time, cost, and stress associated with an aggressive driving citation.