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Frederick Prescription Drug DUI Lawyer

A person can face charges and penalties for driving under the influence of prescription drugs. If someone is convicted, they can face a period of incarceration, points on their license, and fines; the same as in any alcohol-related case. Prescription drugs in Frederick are characterized as drugs or substances prescribed for a person for a medical purpose. Prescription medications are not illegal when properly used and the warnings are properly followed. A local DUI drug lawyer can assist someone is building a defense strategy.

Mitigation can change how a court sentences the person. However, the charge and the requirements by the state have nothing to do with a person being ignorant as to how their body might react to the medications and drugs they were taking. It is essential that someone facing these charges consult a resourceful Frederick prescription drug DUI lawyer right away.

Examples of Prescription Drugs Linked to DUI

Prescription drugs commonly linked to prescription drug DUIs are things like Oxycodone, Vicodin, painkillers, and mood medications. These medications are commonly seen and linked to DUIs because people are often prescribed these medications and take them for a real medical purpose. They assume that the medications are designed to help them through their day, get back to a normal life as soon as possible, and manage their medical issues. A seasoned Frederick prescription drug DUI lawyer can use this when they are creating a defense strategy to convince the jury that their client did not mean any harm.

Many people do not realize that the medications have side effects that can hinder them in their activities. That includes their ability to continue to drive to and from work and school, run errands, and things of that nature. On the contrary, if people do not recognize the impact the medications could have on their motor skills or responsiveness, they could be found in violation of the law and be charged with a criminal offense for driving under the influence of a controlled dangerous substance.

Probable Cause and Proof Beyond Reasonable Doubt

An officer must find that there is probable cause to charge a person by way of their observations, admissions about impairment made by the driver, and field sobriety tests or drug recognition tests conducted by a proper, certified, and trained police officer.

The prosecutor must prove that the person was driving under the influence or was impaired by the controlled dangerous substance beyond a reasonable doubt. They prove that a person was driving impaired through officer observations, admissions made by the driver, field sobriety tests or drug recognition expert tests, and toxicology screenings of bodily fluids such as urine, blood, and hair samples. A Frederick prescription drug DUI lawyer can challenge the prosecutor’s evidence and statements on behalf of their client.

Role of a Drug Recognition Expert

The drug recognition expert has a responsibility to make sure that any charges related to a DUI are brought only after an evaluation of a person’s motor skills through established drug recognition tests conducted to make those determinations.

Contact a Prescription Drug DUI Lawyer

People do not recognize the seriousness of DUI charges and do not know that they carry periods of incarceration. They do not understand the complexity of the defense arguments relating to the charges. Consulting with a Frederick prescription drug DUI lawyer helps a person identify the issues and recognize that this is not something that they should handle on their own unless they have an expertise in handling a controlled dangerous substance-related DUI type of charge.

Frederick Prescription Drug DUI Lawyer