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Gaithersburg DUI Attorney

A Gaithersburg DUI lawyer is able to advise you on determining the strength of your case and whether any constitutional rights were violated during the initial stop.
In Gaithersburg, DUI enforcement is primarily targeted at two groups of people: those who are returning home from major shopping centers where it is common for them to have consumed alcohol at restaurants or bars and those who are returning home from areas with a vibrant nightlife like Bethesda or Washington, D.C.
Regardless of how or where in Gaithersburg you were charged, one of our experienced Montgomery County DUI attorneys can help. Call our law offices to learn about your defense options today.

Alcohol-Related Driving Charges in Gaithersburg

The State of Maryland has outlined several alcohol and substance related driving charges in their Transportation Code. These charges mainly fall into the category of driving while impaired (DWI) and driving under the influence (DUI). A police officer will most often charge a person with a DWI if the person appears visually intoxicated, regardless of whether their blood alcohol concentration (BAC) is below a .08.
A person charged with having a BAC of .08 or above can be charged with a DUI. Because this offense is considered “per se” the prosecutor does not need to prove any additional evidence for a person to be convicted of driving under the influence. The BAC level for drivers under the age of 21 is lower because technically drivers that fall into this group are not allowed to drink. When their BAC is over .02 they can be charged with an alcohol related driving offense.

Other Types of Substance-Related Driving Charges

These charges are also applicable to a person who is charged with being under the influence of certain drugs. However, if a person is using a controlled substance for a medical purpose and has a prescription then they should not be convicted with driving while impaired by a controlled substance. Driving under the influence of certain drugs and/or alcohol carries serious consequences that could affect the rest of a person’s life, if a proper defense is not prepared. A Gaithersburg DUI attorney is aware of the charges related to DWIs and DUIs and has experience preparing the necessary defense.

DUI and DWI Penalties in Gaithersburg

Although a DWI is a less serious offense a person should seek counsel from an experienced attorney in Gaithersburg. A person convicted of a DWI could potentially face prison time if they are not able to prepare a proper defense. There are four major consequences that those charged with a DWI or DUI may face, including:

  • Fines
  • Demerit points on one’s driver’s license
  • Incarceration
  • Probation with conditions

The severity of the consequences that a person faces will also be reliant on the person’s past criminal history, driving history, and whether they have had a DWI or DUI in the past. An additional aggravating factor includes whether there was a child in the car while the person was driving. No matter what your personal history may be, one of our Maryland DUI attorneys can work to tailor a defense to the different aggravating factors in your case.

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Any citizen faced with alcohol related vehicular charges, including a DUI, should seek counsel from a Gaithersburg DUI lawyer as soon as possible. Our office is available to speak with you to schedule a consultation with one of our attorneys. If you are looking for someone to stand up for your rights, call us today.